Gym Liam

When a girl and her best friend go to their local gym who does Megan meet? What starts from this? Who falls in love? Read to find out.


4. Day With Liam

The next more I wake up and Liam isn't there. I walk into the kitchen and there I see Liam cooking eggs for us. I can't help but go and hug him from behind. He turns around and kisses me on my forehead and says "Good-morning beautiful". "You call in sick today because I have a busy day planned for us", he suggests. I step out if the kitchen and go to call in sick but end up telling my boss why I really don't want to go to work. She doesn't get mad of fire me she just tells me to get some. I think she was okay with it because she know how sad I have been since Dean left me. I walk back into the kitchen and tell Liam that I officially don't have work today. He sets the table and we start breakfast. After the first bite I was shocked about how good it was. I knew he could tell that I was shocked by the look on my face because after he asked," Is there something with the food? I promise normally it is better I was just nervous cause I really wanted to impress you". "No it is actually amazing. It tastes like the ones my grandpa made which is a major compliment", I said sweetly.

After breakfast I got dressed and we left. I don't normally like surprises but I could trust him for some reason so I didn't mind not knowing where we are going. We pulled up to the local bookstore, I was a little confused on why he took me here. When we went inside he pulled me to a small table in the back corner and told me to sit and wait. About five minutes later he came back with a small book. When I asked him what the book was he stuck his pointer finger on my mouth telling me to be quiet but in the kindest of ways.

Liam opened the book and began reading me poetry. I don't know if he knew or how he knew but I love poetry. I closed my eyes and I let the words he was reading flow throughout my body. The words he read were about love and all the words that left his mouth explained how the past days I spent with him felt. He kept reading poem after poem. After the third poem I began to start worrying. I worried what would happen when he went back to work. What would become of us? Did he feel the same as the way I felt about him? A part of me was telling me to live the days day by day. Yet the voice I know so well was telling me that after this I would be nothing to him.

He bought the poem book and gave it to me. I held it close to my chest because I wanted to feel this moment forever. Next he took me to a underground coffee house. Liam got a small bold plain black coffee. I got a small caramel frappe because I can't drink hot coffee. As we sat there and drank our coffee we asked each other questions about each other. I worry that I told him to much but then when it was his turn he got pretty deep into his family. Liam's mom reminds me a lot of my mom in the way of she cares for him so much. Yet they are so different because my mom has a sleeve of tattoos where as his mom doesn't care for them.

That evening he took me to the hotel to meet the rest off the boys. Niall was a lot like my cousin Nathan they could eat a food shop and they both fart a lot. I noticed Niall was quite fond of my curly hair I mean he played with it for a good 15 minutes. Louis and I bantered a lot. I am almost as sassy as him when I want to be. Zayn was way more quiet then the other boys but he was waiting for a call from Perrie so I didn't take it personally. Harry was checking me out a bit but still polite enough not to hit on me because he knew I was with Liam. I mean was I "with" Liam?

After the lovely time with the boys it was for Li to take me home cause I had work in the morning. When we pulled up in my driveway Liam walked me to my door. When he kissed me goodnight neither of us wanted to stop but we knew we had to. He pressed me against the door. I wanted him and he wanted me. We continued to kiss for five minutes before we finally said goodbye.

I closed the door and I fell on my couch. I put my finger up to my lips because I could still feel the pressure of his lips on mine. I slowly walked to my bed. I feel asleep without even changing my clothes.

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