Gym Liam

When a girl and her best friend go to their local gym who does Megan meet? What starts from this? Who falls in love? Read to find out.


6. Charity Event

I drive to Liam's hotel with tears running down my face. I run up to his room and bang on his door. When he finally opens the door I fall into his good arm crying words he doesn't understand. After about ten minutes of crying I finally calm down enough to tell him what happened. I explain how it was my Melissa hit him and she did it because she felt he took me away from her. He hugged me and told me all would okay and how much he cares for me.

We aren't your average couple because we haven't told each other that we love each other yet. We haven't I guess cause we want to make sure it is really love. I go along with it even though I know I love him and I have since I first lye eyes on him. When I look around I notice that all the boys are here and have been there for my whole meltdown. I suddenly become really embarrassed. They kinda smile crooked smiles showing me it is okay.

“We have to a red carpet charity event and Liam wanted you to be his date”, Niall quietly said trying to take the pressure off the situation. I look at Liam and he nods his head with that cheeky smile of his. I think his smile has slowly became the core of my being. “I have nothing nice enough to wear to an event like this”, I say becoming frantic. All the boys point to the closet almost like they have practiced it dozens of times before my arrival. There in the closet lays a beautiful red gown. “You looked so beautiful in the red dress that one night it was the only color I knew to get you”, Liam said shyly.

We packed up my dress and their outfits in my car to take to my house where we would be getting ready. Liam is wearing a black suit with a red tie and black vans for shoes. Harry is wearing black slacks a puffed out white shirt kinda like a pirates and his brown boots. Niall matches Liam except for he wears black Nike shoes. Zayn is wearing a black suit with a purple tie to match Perrie's dress and black combat boots. Louis is wearing a black suit with a metallic silver tie to match Eleanor's dress and black Toms for shoes.

We went to meet the girls and the boy's hotel where we got picked up in a big black car that you always see at award shows. The whole ride there we all were joking. The girls are super sweet and I would have no problem being friends with them. Zayn and Perrie could not be more perfect and I can't wait for their wedding which Liam said I am his plus one.

First steps out the single boys Harry and Niall. Next comes out Perrie and Zayn with big smiles and screaming fans happy about their engagement. Now Louis and Eleanor step out of the car. Last but least comes Liam and me, there is so much screaming and cameras flashing I get scared. I think Liam noticed I got scared because he squeezed my hand tighter. It was so weird we would only walk a little and then we would have to stop and smile. Then sometimes we would go to a person with a microphone and have a small interview. They all asked who I was. If my hair was naturally curly and if I donate to their charity.

Liam just responded with I was his girlfriend and yes to the other ones. Then the interviewers asked when their third album will come out. I got kinda bored as they all asked the same questions. I wondered if Liam was as tired of the same questions or if he was used to it. Then finally we got inside to hear all the speeches about the charity. It was for teen suicide prevention. The first was Chris Colfer from Glee, his speech was super sweet I even cried a little. An hour later it was time for the last speakers of the night which happened to be One Direction. The boys looked so great on the stage. They all got emotional and teared up during their speech.

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