The Gang (on hold)

My name is Sabrina, I'm 16 and I love my life. But people are scared of me and I don't know why! I lost my memories and don't remember anything. The only thing I remember was when I woke up at the hospital and I asked my mom who she was. There are also this gang, red lion I think it's called. They are always after me.
Author: this story is actually written to one of my friends so hope she will like it!


6. The red dress

Hey everypony!

im sorry to say this, but my irritating iPad deleted some of the story so I only have this right now. But I hope you will like it anyway! :) 


"Well you see, we own this big Company and we are a martial arts family. Witch mean we are good at karate and such. Your dad and I won a lot of prices when we were young and that's why we have this house" she said and walked over to the door. "Dinner is at seven" she said and walked out the door. I looked at the time. It as only 5 o'clock so I went to explore. I only explored my own room because i would properly get lost if i went out of the room. I loved everything, the pictures, the furniture, the color of the walls, everything. But i couldn't see my closet. Where in the world could my close be. Then i found two remotes, one for the television, yes i have a television in my room and its so big, and guess what, when i press the on button, The television comes out of the wall. "omg so cool !" i shouted and my mom came running. "what happened? she asked pounding. Then she looked in the room and saw the television. " oh you saw the television" she said with a big smile on her face. "The other remote is for this" she sad and took the remote out of my hand and pressed the on button. Then the wall in the left side of the room began to open and a walk in closet began to shine. "Wow, this is a closet every girl dream about, I can't believe I have a room like this" I walked over to the opening of the walk in closet and took a deep breath. I walked in and saw all the differed kind of close. I fell in love with every pice of close. But there was this dress, it was a beautiful dress, but the color was bugging me. It was lying on the floor. "Mom, that dress.." I looked at my mom. Her eyes became big and she ran over to the dress and piked it up. "There it was" she said surprised with a little voice. The way she said it sounded kind of familiar. "I have been looking after this dress in a week" she said. " now, you have one hour left to go look around" she said smiling to me and went out the door. I just stood there looking after her, then I decided to go through all the close and the go down stairs. When it was five to seven somebody knocked on the door. I opened it and I girl in a maid suit came in. "Hello, I'm here to help you" she said with probably the biggest smile ever. "Whenever you need help just press this button and then I will come" she said, still with the big smile. "Okay I will" I said smiling back at her. She seemed like a really nice person." Now, could you help me finding the dining room?" I asked her politely. "Yes of course" she said.    

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