The Gang (on hold)

My name is Sabrina, I'm 16 and I love my life. But people are scared of me and I don't know why! I lost my memories and don't remember anything. The only thing I remember was when I woke up at the hospital and I asked my mom who she was. There are also this gang, red lion I think it's called. They are always after me.
Author: this story is actually written to one of my friends so hope she will like it!


1. Blood

It was still dark. I was soaked with both water and blood. It was raining, I was shaking, but not because it was cold. It was in terror, the terror you feel right after you did something you can't never change. It came back, pictures, screams, yells, everything. I looked at myself in the broken mirror. I had two deep wounds in my right arm and one in my leg, the blood gushed out of me. I couldn't feel my arms and legs.    Author note:   Hey Everpony. Sorry that it is so short. But I really like to way it starts so I though why not start like this :) well hope you will like the story!

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