The Gang (on hold)

My name is Sabrina, I'm 16 and I love my life. But people are scared of me and I don't know why! I lost my memories and don't remember anything. The only thing I remember was when I woke up at the hospital and I asked my mom who she was. There are also this gang, red lion I think it's called. They are always after me.
Author: this story is actually written to one of my friends so hope she will like it!


4. Author note

Hey everypony!! 


Im gonna take a little break from Movellas.

i know it's weird that I would write it but I am weird so screw that!

i will of course write on the story but I may not purplish it right away.

The reason is that I don't really have time right now with school and after school stuff. And I really want to be together and talk to my friend and family so see you!!


love ya all! 


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