harry potter truth or dare

harry and his friends are playing truth or dare with igottogetbacktohogwarts (credit to Harry'sDimples you rock)


2. round 1

there was the cast of harry potter sitting in the attic playing apples to apples to apples, someone was coming up the stairs it was cupcake ok guys! i have a couple of dares unfortunally this isnt that popular yet so i have 2 dares so far so the first one is from sunnyjma she says make ron and snape tap dance while in a donkey costume. ok! Cupcake wrote in her journal and ron and snape had a donkey suit on. Cupcake wrote in her journal again and a laptop came up she typed in To Dance Again. "okay you two will be dancing to to dance again she hit play.


                                                             when i was a boy, an orphan boy,                                                               i loved to move my feet,i'd here a tune and i start to swoon                                                             my life would seem complete the other boys                                                             would laugh and jeer but i'd catch them tappin'                                                               their toes and when i start to sway they'd get                                                             get carried away and oh, how the feeling grows                                                              i take my foot my little foot and with that foot                                                               oh how i'd start to shake i take two feet two tiny                                                               feet hey look that's neat it's coming true i finally                                                                get to dance again wahoo to dance again ive been                                                               waiting all these years to dance again and now                                                               a chance appears to hear a beat so on your feet it'


                                                               s time to dance again come on wealey imperio you take your foot your little foot hey look your foot see how it starts to shake oohh try his arms! how bout a twirl hes like a girl i'll over do i finally get to dance again with you! "okay stop stop this is ridiculus!" shouted snape  "well okay' said cupcake. okay next dare from xPOTTERHEADx it says i dare hermione and draco to kiss  after these words were said hermione jumped on draco's lap and started kissing draco after about 15 minutes they stopped. ron slapped draco in the face and pansy punched hermione well thats all for now!


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