I Wanna Save Your Heart Tonight

I'm just going to say. It's a weird love story between an actress named Lilly O'Reillie and a well known young man named Harry Styles. If you want to know more read it. Please if you're gonna say something bad. Say it out loud. Don't say it on here.


22. We Got Caught

Harry's P.O.V.

"Okay, we have to get them!" I yelled.

"No duh, Harry!" Louis snapped at me.

"Louis, it's not Harry's fault." Liam said to Louis.

"I know, it's just that. I don't know." Louis replied to Liam.

"I have an idea!" Niall said.

"Yeah, like your ideas are so great." I said under my breath. Niall decided to kiss, I'm sorry, tried to kiss Lilly. Causing me and her to get it a fight, and her to run out and get raped. 

"Hey! What's your idea then, Harry?" Niall said to my comment. Everyone looked at me.

"I think Zayn should have an idea time." I said. Everyone looked at Zayn.

"I think that we should call Perrie and see where she is." Zayn said. We called Perrie and it went to voice mail. Where is she?

"Where is she?" Zayn said.

"They didn't have her, so that's good." Louis said.

"Okay then, Liam?" I said to Liam.

"I think Niall has an idea." Liam said.

"Good idea, Liam!" Louis said.

"I know right." he said to Louis.

"Why don't we call Paul? Have him track Lilly's phone, and then we get into the orange van and find them?" Niall said. That, was actually a very good idea. 

"Good idea, Niall." Liam said to him.

"Thanks," he said.

"Well then, let's go!" Louis said. Then we all got up and got in our orange van.

**at Paul's house**

"So you guys want me to track Lily's phone?" Paul asked confirming.

"Yeah, can you do it?" Louis asked.

"Yeah, I think so." Paul said.

"Yay!" I said.

"Yeah," Paul said. "Come on."

We followed him into his office.

"What's her number?" Paul asked.

"212-555-3876" I said to him. He punched in the number and a map came up. 

"There she is." he said, pointing to an arrow.

"In the Chillingham Castle?" Zayn asked.

"Looks like it." I replied.

"Okay. Thanks, Paul!" Louis said to him.

"Good luck boys!" Paul called after us. Now, off to the most haunted castle in all of England.

**at the Chillingham Castle**

"We're here, boys!" Louis said. I looked over at Niall and Liam. They were shaking so hard.

"It's okay, guys. We'll be okay." I said to all of the boys.

"Y-Y-Yeah l-l-lets g-g-go." Liam said shaking really badly. We all got out. Once we got into the castle. It was disgustingly old yet cool looking.

"Okay now what?" Zayn asked. Even he sounded really scared. After walking we heard creaking.

"AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We all screamed. 

"Harry, give me some good advice." Louis said to me.

"Never go into a haunted castle at night?" I said to him.

"Good advice." Niall said.

"Yeah," I said. We turned a right and Louis ran into a door.

"Nice," Liam said. Niall and Zayn were chuckling a little. I had one priority. Get to Lily. Eleanor was just a bonus. 

We opened the door that Louis ran into.

"I remember watching a documentary about this castle and the torture chamber." Zayn said.

"Where was it?" I asked.

"Where was what?" Zayn answered my question with a (very stupid I might add) question.

"The torture chamber, Zayn! Where was the torture chamber?" I snapped.

"Oh, follow me." he said. And we did. We got to a weird hallway and Zayn took a left, another left, a right this time, left, right, right, left, then a right. We got to a door. Zayn felt around until he said: "Oh!". He opened a weird hatch thing. 

"Ahhhhh!" we heard a high pitched scream.

"Lily! No!" Eleanor screamed.

"Oh! Do you wanna lie on the board?!" a man's voice said.

"No! No! No!" Lily screamed.

"Stop!" Louis yelled, running into a room. Me, Zayn, Liam, and Niall followed him. This room by far was the most scary room in the whole castle. The walls and floors were all brick. There was a weird looking bed on the ground, and a blood cover Eleanor was laying on it. There was two wheels and a cage. Looking more closely I say Lily (covered in even more blood) was in it with her wrists tied to the outside of the cage.

"Lily!" I yelled.

"Get them!" the man yelled. Then other people grabbed Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and me. We were all screaming to let go of us. They chained our ankles and wrists to the chamber wall.

"Umm..." Liam started.

"Sorry girls..." Louis apologized. 

"But...ummm..." I said.

"We were...uhh," Niall said.

"We were...caught." Zayn said.

"Sorry girls, but we were caught." we all said.


**picture of Chillingham Castle**


The dungeon/torture chamber (sorry for the bad quality)

Chillingham Castle outside (again sorry for the bad quality)

Chillingham Castle inside

I don't really have to put this picture but it's just so pretty

Chillingham Castle garden 


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