I Wanna Save Your Heart Tonight

I'm just going to say. It's a weird love story between an actress named Lilly O'Reillie and a well known young man named Harry Styles. If you want to know more read it. Please if you're gonna say something bad. Say it out loud. Don't say it on here.


29. The Wish Flower

Author's P.O.V.

Sage, Barley, Rose, and Daisy left. They each had their problems to deal with.

Sage left because he had to grade his class' papers. 

Rose left because she had a class to teach. 

Barley left because he had kid problems to take care of.

Daisy left because she had to practice for a dance show.

That left Lily, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, Perrie, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Caroline. Until Perrie's phone started to ring.

"Hello?" she said into it. Everyone watched her curiously. 

"What? Oh. What, I forgot! Ugh! Fine!" she said. Then she furiously pressed the 'end' button.

"You okay?" Zayn asked her.

"No! I have to go pack to go on tour again!" she yelled. She was already storming up the stairs. 

Dandey's P.O.V.

"Ms. McCathy, I'm sorry!" I yelled to my nanny. To be honest I don't need a nanny. I'm 14 (my birthday's April 19, it's May 28th right now)!

"You shouldn't have: 1, went to that party; 2, kiss that boy who was 16; and 3, yelled at me. Dandey, I'm trying to be as fair as I can be, but you're making that extremely hard! I have no choice!" she yelled back at me. 

"You have no right to take me anywhere! You're not my legal guardian! You're not a guardian!" I yelled back at her. I know that that was a harsh thing to say, but I am steaming. 

"Not a guardian. Not a guardian! Dandey, learn some manners! Dandey, I'm the person who takes care of you most of the time! Dandey, I care for the 50 animals that live on the lot of this castle! You want to talk about guardianship. You have no right to talk about it!" she retorted. Then grabbed my arm and pulled me over to her car. "Come on!"

We were at the passenger seat of her car. "Get in, Dandey."

I got in and was silent for the whole way there.

Lily's P.O.V.

So Perrie just left, Zayn escorted her to the airport with Paul being the bodyguard. I walked up to the room that me and Eleanor were sharing and saw all of the clothes that Eleanor, Perrie, and I got all over the floor. It seemed like Perrie really wanted her stuff. Since I couldn't stand the room being dirty I started going through the clothing. Grabbing the ones that belong to Eleanor then putting them on her bed. I ended up folding them too. After that I grabbed my stuff, then put them on my bed and nicely folding them. 

After I was done I decided to change out of my dirty high-waisted floral pants and white crop top that said 'FLOWER CHILD' on it. I threw on some black skiny jeans with a dark blue shirt that had a floral 'LOVE' on the front. I threw my long hair in a bun. This is what I was wearing:

I walked downstairs. As soon as I got down the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" I yelled running over to the door.

Dandey's P.O.V.

Ms. McCathy dragged me to the door. 

"Please, be good. I'm begging you, Dandey." she pleaded to me. I fixed my white fedora with the black thing around it. 

"I'll try." I said. I looked myself down. I was wearing a floral crop-top, with a high-waisted black skirt. Black Converse to go with it, and my bleach blonde hair up in a cool looking bun. This is what it looked like:

Ms. McCathy rang the doorbell.

Lily's P.O.V.

I opened the door and stood there in shock. 

"Dandey? What are you doing here?" I asked her. She looked down at her black shoes.

"Well, hello Lily. I caught this one sneaking out to go to a party that I told her not to go to. I followed her, I discovered her making out with a 16 year old." Lydia McCathy said.

"Lydia, I'm so sorry." I said to her. Then turned to look at Dandey. "Dandey, really?" 

"Sorry, Lil." she said, apologetically to me. 

"We'll talk later, come in." I said pushing her in. "Would you like to come in, Lydia?"

"No, I think that I'll just go tend to the animals on your zoo." she said smiling. I laughed.

"I'm sorry. Don't forget Rahul, Rapide, Ace, Beau, and Elizabeth." I said, naming a few. Rahul is my tiger that I've had ever since my 5th birthday. Rapide is a horse that I mated a Thoroughbred and an American Quarter Horse together. Rapide means 'fast' in French. Ace is a snake that I tamed when I was around 11, he is a Black Mamba Snake (the longest most deadly snake in the world). Beau is a falcon that I found with a broken wing when I was 6. I took him in and cared for him. Elizabeth is a White-Crowned Sparrow that I basically nursed to health when she was sick. I named her after the queen because it looks like she has a crown. 

"Oh, I won't." she said. Then she turned around to walk towards her car. I looked down at my 14-year-old sister. 

"What?" she shrugged. I sighed.

"We'll talk later, come on." I pulled her into the room with everyone in it.

"Lily, who is this?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, who is that?" Eleanor asked after. Everyone started asking me who the girl on my arm was. It got very loud.

"Everyone, shut up!" I yelled, they all got quiet. "This is my little sister, Dandey."

"Lily is not only my older sister, she's my legal guardian." Dandey said. Everyone looked at me weirdly. 

"True. When I turned 17, I pretended that I was 18 to sign the papers." I said. They all 'oh'ed. 

"So your names Dandey?" Niall asked. 

"Yeah. My full names Dandelion. Like the flower everyone wishes on. I'm the wish flower." Dandey told them. 

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