I Wanna Save Your Heart Tonight

I'm just going to say. It's a weird love story between an actress named Lilly O'Reillie and a well known young man named Harry Styles. If you want to know more read it. Please if you're gonna say something bad. Say it out loud. Don't say it on here.


21. Finding The Missing Ones

Perrie's P.O.V.

"Caroline, where are they?" I asked her.

"In here." she said. I followed her until we hit a brick wall.

"We can't go through here." I said, pointing out the obvious. That obviously didn't work, because she knocked on the door once, waited for a few seconds, then knocked 3 more times, then waited a few more seconds, then knocked one more time.

"What's your number?" a male voice said.

"28908," Caroline said to the man. I looked over at Caroline wondering how she knew that. But, I saw her take out a gun.

"Shhh," she said to me. Then she pushed me over to the side of the door. "Please, if the see you. They will kill you. Me too. Just like they killed my brother."

"Okay." I said, shaking my head really fast. Then, the brick wall door thing opened. Caroline took out her gun and shot the man. She walked in and I heard 3 more gun shots.

"Hey!" I heard another male voice say. Then a shot.

"ARNOLD!!!!" a female voice cried. Then another shot. Other voices soon filled the air. More shots after that.

"Perrie come on!" Caroline called to me. I cautiously came out of my hiding spot.

"What was that?" I asked her. 

"No time to explain." she replied. We ran until we got to a turn. We took a right. Then a left. Then a right. Then another right. A left. A right. A left. A left. Then finally we got to a door.

"When I go in there, they're gonna start to shoot at me." she said. Then she gave me a gun. "I need you to come in after me and help me shoot, okay?"

"Umm, okay?" I said. I grabbed the gun in a very weird way.

"Do you even know how to use a gun?" Caroline asked me.

"Um. No. Not really." I replied.

"*sigh* Oh my god!" she took the gun. "Just to straight to Lilly okay." she gave me back the gun and gave me a knife. "Cut the things around her wrists and ankles."

"Okay? How do you know all of this?" I asked her.

"My sister and brother were both taken. I save them. Then she opened the doors and automatically shooting started. I looked in and I saw: Eleanor, Lily, Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis.

***************************quick little note***************************************

Do you guys like it so far? Do you think your part's good HarryStyles0801? 


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