I Wanna Save Your Heart Tonight

I'm just going to say. It's a weird love story between an actress named Lilly O'Reillie and a well known young man named Harry Styles. If you want to know more read it. Please if you're gonna say something bad. Say it out loud. Don't say it on here.


14. Come On Lily. Where Are You?

Harry's P.O.V.

"Harry what happened?" Eleanor asked me looking very stern.

"Yeah, what happened?" Louis asked me after Eleanor. Everyone nodded after.

"I-- I just..." I said, gasping. What have I done?

"He and Lily got in a fight." Niall said, coming out of his hiding place: the couch.

"Obviously they got in a fight Niall." Perrie said, looking over at him. "What we wanna now is why?

"M-m-me a-and Lily...uhhhh" Niall stuttered.

"You and Lily what?" Liam said.

"Ummm...I can't say." Niall said. Everyone walked over to Niall to comfort him, and I just about had it.

"I walked in here, because Lily was calling me." I started. Everyone, but Niall,was looking at me. "So, I walked in and I saw them kissing."

"We were not kissing." Niall said quietly.

"Then what were you doing, Niall?" I said back to him.

"I...we... I. Okay. I'll tell you the story." He said to everyone, but he was looking at me. "I heard Lily screaming Harry's name, so I walked inside. I found her sitting on the couch with tears coming out of her eyes, so I walking over to her and asked her what was wrong. I had no clue what came over me when I leaned over to her. She obviously had no clue either, because she did it too. And you know what, Harry?"

"What?" I replied.

"I wish that we did kiss. You know why?" he said. I could tell he was getting angry, which made me even more mad.

"Why, Niall! Why would you wanna kiss my girlfriend?!" I yelled.

"Because I'm human, Harry!" Niall yelled back. "And Lily is pretty. It is almost 6:00 which means it's dark."

"Yeah so?" I said back. I only heard him say that Lily was pretty, usually if someone said that I wouldn't really care. But Niall and Lily almost kissed, and I'm angry at him.

"Harry, the drunk people." Perrie said.

"Lily must have been furious, because she left her car." Eleanor said, after Perrie talked. I must have been so into yelling at Niall that I didn't notice Perrie and Eleanor went outside.

"What?" Louis and Zayn said at once.

"Yeah, her car's still outside. Which means..." Eleanor said.

"She either walked or ran." Liam said. Uh-oh.

"Oh my god, Lily!" I gasped then ran outside, not even thinking to get in my car. I was closely followed by Louis, then Eleanor, then Niall, then Liam. I almost got hit by Zayn and Perrie, who were in Louis' Porsche (Perrie driving).

"We're gonna drive around to find her, okay?" Zayn asked me.

"Okay." I replied. Come on Lily. Where are you?



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