I Wanna Save Your Heart Tonight

I'm just going to say. It's a weird love story between an actress named Lilly O'Reillie and a well known young man named Harry Styles. If you want to know more read it. Please if you're gonna say something bad. Say it out loud. Don't say it on here.


3. About Lily

"So, why don't you tell me about yourself?" Paul asked Lily.

Lily started,"Well, my names Lily O'Reillie. I'm an actress. I have two brothers and three sisters. My oldest brother's name is Sage, he's 32 years old. My other brother's name is Barley, he's 29. My sister's name is Rose, she's 30. My other sisters name is Daisy, she's 18.Then there's me, I'm eighteen. Daisy is my twin. My younger sister is named . . . Dandey, she's 14 now."

"My father's name was David. He died when I was ten. House fire. My mother's name was Pansy, but she died when I eight. I don't like talking about either of them. Now someone else say something so I don't feel weird." Lily said. 

"Okay then." Paul said.

Lily's P.O.V.

When Paul said we had to go back in our house, Harry took my hand and brought me inside to the backyard.

"Are you alright?" he asked me.

"Yeah, fine." I said. I was totally lying, I don't know if he noticed or not.

"You're lying. What's wrong? You can tell me, trust me." he said. He noticed.

Harry's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe Lily couldn't trust me. I mean I'm trustworthy.

"Harry, can I steal Lily for a moment? She must see her room!" a voice-Eleanor-said.

"Lily?" I asked her.



Okay, I'll update as soon as I can. Thank you for the people reading this, please please get your friends to read it. And remember, if you have any pointers for my story comment please. Tell me anything (but please be nice about it)! Love yeh! Bye Bye!


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