Always mine?

What happens when two pop stars run into each other with the paparazzi around? What happens when they fall in love? And what happens when everything they do is thrown I front of the whole world? This story shows the ups and downs of the new "it" couple #lustin


12. You're Welcome

Your welcome-

Justin sat down on the red chair and they talked about his music and his tour and I knew she was gonna ask I could feel it in my let the games begin. I picked up my zebra popcorn and started stuffing it in my mouth. 

"So last week we found a picture of you and a girl who looks a lot like Lauren!" She smiled 

In the background was the picture, god that's a bad angle! I look like a mushroom. I looked around and giggled to myself but quickly looked back to the screen when I heard Justin's voice.

"Yeah that's Lauren, I ran into her at the studio. It was pretty cool" he looked down as he started to blush

"Are you guys dating?" She asked

"Well uh, uh," he licked his lips before finishing "yeah?!" He said in a questioning tone

Well my twitter is about to explode...

The audience cheered and showed acouple girls crying

"Really? I couldn't tell from your blushing." She winked into the camera

I looked down at my phone and opened the twitter app. Death threats. Some shippers. Creepy pedophile. My sister. Oh the things twitter let's me see. I don't really let the hate stop me but this one really messed me up. My ex-best friend said "when your exie bestie dates an ugly bitch and you just laugh your skinny ass off! #lustinsucksass" I tried to brush it off and focus on the screen.

"So what do you think about her?" She questioned "what do you like about her?" She quickly added

"Well I think she's really nice, down to earth, total sweetheart, always smiling, and uh some other things I can't say on daytime." He smirked 

"Oh." She laughed "she's great you guys are a good couple I'm happy for you guys!" She finished up the interview and then I turned off the tv followed by an immediate phone call from Justin 

"You watch?" He asked sounding excited 
"You saw me getting nervous?" 
" yes" I giggled
"After the show she gave me a gift for the both of us" 
"Did you open it?" I say wondering what it is
"No I'll wait till I get back" 
"I have to go meet some fans so I'll call you later baby"
"Okay have fun love you" 
"Love you too.l
He hung up.

And now my brother is calling 
"Hey" he says
"Hello?" He never calls me
"You have a boyfriend?" 
Why????????????? Fml
"If he breaks your heart I'll kick his ass!" Oh brothers
"Okay I have to go...." I say hanging up immediately 

I walk to the bed where I find a note "look out your window." Okay... I walk to the huge glass window and look out... Well I guess all my plans are outta the way!!! There are hundreds of people outside of the hotel.. But how'd this note get on my bed? I call the front desk 

"I found a note in my room but I don't know how it got here...?"
"We sent it in from room service it was from a anonymous person.." She giggled which totally creeped me out..
"Thanks...." I hung up faster than the speed of light

I wish Justin was here I really need some company! 


I got a text 

Justin:9 hours
Me: till ???
Justin: I get back.
Me: yay!!!!
Justin: Kay gotta get on the plane. 

This day is getting very crazy but I guess all the right things are happening.... Besides the mob of people that are keeping me inside. I decided to go on Instagram I took a selfie and posted it the comments came flooding in!!! "I hate you!" "Ugly bitch!" "What does @justinbieber see in you??" Acouple comments down Justin commented back "@(personyouhate'susername) I see everything no need to hate on what your jealous of." Ha that's cute I took a screenshot and then went to my bed where I decided to take a snooze.

------8 hours later--------————–––

*knock *knock I rolled over 

"Coming" I said 

"No stay here I got it." I opened my eyes and saw Justin walking to the door 

"Here you go" I hear a voice from outside the door 

"Thanks sir" Justin said then shut the door 

"Well hi." I say kind of annoyed with him 

"Sorry, I saw you sleeping so I just let you be." He came and sat on the foot of the bed 

"It's fine. I missed you" I frowned
He came closer and hugged me I hugged back he pecked my lips when he pulled away 

"I missed you too baby. I heard you skipped the dinner yesterday?" He questioned 

"There was too many people outside." I said knowing that wasn't what he wanted to hear 

"Or was it something else?" He looked at me softly 

"Nope." Short answers are life savers. I tear fell from my eyes 

"Don't lie babe. Who was it?" He asked getting a bit defensive 

"An old friend. But it's nothing." I said trying not to be hurt. I didn't realize how much that hurt me. I guess that explains my dream where she shot me in the arm......

"Think about the positive stuff" he smiled 

"Okay." I threw my hand on my leg

"Oh yeah I almost forgot" Justin handed me a box that said 'ELLEN' on it I opened it and a little paper fell out I unfolded it and read it aloud 

"Love is life" is all it said. 

Nothing else in the box... Uhm weird. 

"Is that all?" Justin asked 

"Basically." I added a little sarcasm 

"Oh." He said 

"Scooter said that he wants to talk with you probably tomorrow" Justin smirked and muttered something under his breath then looked at me. God I hate when this boy gets all mysterious.




I know I said I was updating yesterday but my phone died :( so I'm updating now :) this chapter seems short I might update if that's what y'all want 

What do you think about Justin being mysterioussssss?

Why does scooter wanna talk to her?

Why did Ellen give them a little quote. Is she planning something? 

Comment, like, fav, become a fan, tell me what you like and dislike! Thanks loves 

Stay swaggy ♡  

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