Always mine?

What happens when two pop stars run into each other with the paparazzi around? What happens when they fall in love? And what happens when everything they do is thrown I front of the whole world? This story shows the ups and downs of the new "it" couple #lustin


14. What's a Friend

What's a Friend?- 

"Oh yes! Hi Ariana it's nice to meet you!!" I smiled and pulled her into a welcoming hug  

Justin smiled and she hugged him too. Then she led us to the room where scooter was standing ready to greet us.

"Hi!" He hugged me 
"Hi." I smiled as he let go 
"So I wanted Justin to bring you here cause I want you to do a duet with him. Ariana and I where making some adjustments to the song actually?" He said with a big smile on his face
"Uhm well can I see the lyrics first?" I asked. He handed over 2 sheets of paper. I politely grabbed them from his grip, as Justin was just starting to grip something... Me. The moment just started getting really awkward

"Wow these lyrics are great. I'll do it!!" I said wide eyed in amazement to how perfect the lyrics where
"I wrote that actually.." Justin said with a smirk on his face
"Oh really??" I laughed 
"No I didn't" he laughed 

We stepped in to the double recording booth and where done in 2 hours. And then we went to lunch with scooter. Who asked me if I wanted to sign with him. Cause my manager went crazy and stuff. I said yes not knowing what that would entitle. Me and Justin went back to the hotel and his friends Ryan and Chaz where there I guess he invited them.. Idek but we hung out like all night and I think me and Chaz are like bestfriends now! We have a lot in common and we are both really weird so it just kinda worked. 

"Do you like my little pony?" I asked Chaz 

"Duh!" He chuckled 

"Dang maybe he should just be you're boyfriend" Justin frowned 

"Oh please." I turn to Chaz "no offense , but I don't think I'd date anyone with this kinda mop on their head" I ruffled his hair. Ryan laughed and Justin was jealous I could see it in his eyes so I went and sat by him and whispered in his ear 

"Stop Justin." I frowned and then kissed his cheek, he replied with a slight nod he was more tense that usual, I thought Id get out of there way and let them have boy time 

"I'm gonna go to bed" I said as I started to get up 

"Why it's only 2" Justin said 

"2 am..." I rolled my eyes Justin got up and have me a hug and kiss and told me goodnight

I got in bed and rolled around for about an hour and decided to go on twitter and I replied to some fans and then as I was putting my phone down I got a notification saying justin tweeted me I opened the page and read the words in aw

@justinbieber: Lauren is a b*tch 

And then another saying 

@justinbieber: She's not worth my time

I threw my phone down and got out if bed and went to the other room where the boys where now playing video games, I stood in front of Justin 

"Move babe." He tried to look around me

"What the eff?!" I walked over to the tv and turned it off "I thought I wasn't worth you're time? Why don't you come talk sh*t to my face! I can't believe you!" I hit his forehead with the palm of my hand he stood up and grabbed my arm I pulled it away 

"What are you even talking about?" He asked 

"I saw you're twitter!" Tears where starting to fall from my eyes now 

"What?" He grabbed his phone off the coffee table and went on Twitter "When did this happen?!" He turned his attention to Ryan and Chaz who looked guilty for some reason "did you guys do this?!" He started getting frustrated 

"What the hell" I walked over to them and kicked them both in the leg because I didn't wanna hurt them to bad but that was messed up 

"I'm sorry babe" justin hugged me 

"They aren't" I pulled out of his arms and pointed to Ryan and Chaz 

"Eh they will be. I think we should all get some rest." Justin said bye to the boys (they had a room across from us) and picked me up and sat me on the couch 

"You okay baby?" He seemed worried 

"Fine." I got up and went to the bedroom he followed behind me

"Whatever you say." I turned around just in time to see him roll his eyes I lied down in the bed and shut my eyes even though the lights were still on 

"Can you turn off the light please?" I asked him he replied with a groan of annoyance. I opened my eyes to look at him and he was standing right In front of me 

"Tell me you love me." He whispered 

I laughed "get in bed bieber" 

He didn't move "you don't love me do you?" He asked becoming tense

"I love you Justin Drew Bieber" I smiled up at him 

"Thank god. You gave me a heartattack." He finally got in the bed and wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me closer to him 

"By the way, I love you too baby girl" he whispered through my hair making chills go down my spine from feeling his warm breath go down my neck

I quickly fell into a deep sleep only to be awoken by.....

~~~~~to be continued~~~~~~ 




Sorry bout the cliffhanger 

And not updating for so long I've had a lot of stuff going on I neded to write for an escape 

Btw I'm doing a calab with another writer in one of my upcoming chapters!!!    

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