Always mine?

What happens when two pop stars run into each other with the paparazzi around? What happens when they fall in love? And what happens when everything they do is thrown I front of the whole world? This story shows the ups and downs of the new "it" couple #lustin


1. Studio


~~~ please forgive the horrible writing in the first couple chapters! I wrote a lot of it late at night when I was tired and i wasn't in school... So I appologize for that but hope you enjoy it!! Thank ya loves <3~~~ 








I wake up feeling wonderful knowing that I'm going to start recording my album today. I put on my chill outfit since I'm going to Denver, Colorado to record I want to look casual so no one thinks its me! I put on my designer sweatpants with triangle studs on the top and a Nebraska football sweatshirt pink of course I put on my purple sparkley converse and only put on mascara cause trying to be casual I hear my phone and race to it cause I'm running late slept in of coarse :$ it's my manager "hi" I say innocently knowing that ill probably get yelled at "where are you? Your 20 minutes late and you have people waiting" she says sternly probably trying not to act like a fool in front of my "people" I reply sweetly "I'm on my way out the door sorry that I'm late you want a Starbucks?" She scoffs into the phone "no!" I drive from my hotel that Is five minutes from the studio I get there and park in the back so nobody notices me as I start walking in and somebody opens the door as I start to reach for it the person who opened it looks at me and says "wow! I didn't know you recorded here!" I look up at him to see who he is hoping he's not a fan I see these Carmel eyes looking down at me and realize that Justin bieber my idol is right in front of me I keep my cool and say "yeah, today is my first day. Is it nice?" 
"Yeah it's pretty good I recorded most of the believe album here!" I smile and say "we'll that's quality then so I'm excited!" He replies quickly "yeah well have fun! I like your work, looking forward to hearing it!" I smile and say quickly "we'll it should be good! Bye!" I walk in and go into the studio and listen to some tracks and record a little but I want to go back to the hotel cause I just had a breakup and I've been really stressed so they let me leave I go to my hotel room and fall asleep I wake up to my phone going crazy my mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, 7 of my cousins, 4 of my old friends and Austin mahone and Miley Cyrus and my ex have called me and I have 397  emails and 784 text messages I imediately see what is going on I go on twitter and I see what is trending and it says 'Justin and Lauren' and '#lustinvsjauren' and they had pictures of me talking to Justin at the studio but they said we where at a hotel in that moment I got super angry and started to tweet but got a call it said "Private Number" I answer and I hear a voice and no who it is automatically "hey, sorry that all this happend" it's Justin and he's apologizing over a stupid incident "no don't be sorry for there stupidity!" I laugh and he says "me and some of my friends are going to a nightclub tonight and you should come" I laugh and say "oh so we are gonna keep the rumor going?!" He laughs and says "why not make em believe it?!" I laugh and say "okay whatever text me the name of the club I have to call some people" he laughs and says "okay bye babe" I laugh and hang up I call everyone back didnt tell them much then I went to twitter cause I was not gonna email and text 1,181 people I'd have numb thumbs! I was surprised my manger didnt call but whatever I get ready for the night club after I see Justin's text I curl my hair and put on high waisted shorts and a croptop and get in my metallic purple sports car so cool!!


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