Always mine?

What happens when two pop stars run into each other with the paparazzi around? What happens when they fall in love? And what happens when everything they do is thrown I front of the whole world? This story shows the ups and downs of the new "it" couple #lustin


2. Nightclub

I drive to the club and park in front and go in and get usherd to a back room where I see Justin , drake, lil za, Chaz, and Kevin hart who I laugh at when I make eye contact ever since I saw his movie sometimes I yell pineapples at him I walk to Justin who is sitting next to drake they both check me out I just play it off as if I didn't notice Justin says "hey babe" and winks I look at him and laugh and say "hey bieber!" Drake says "can you be my babe too?!" And suddenly I feel arms kreep around my waist from behind and hear a voice say "no she's gonna be my babe!" I turn to see Chaz trying to flirt and obviously failing I laugh and say "I'm nobody's babe! But Nutella is my babe!" They laugh and I sit down next to Justin he talks to me about music and stuff and he started talking to Kevin who was across from us and put his hand on my leg slowly creeping it up my thigh until I moved it when it started getting dangerously close to my no-no square 😂I swatted it away and said "not today boo boo!" He laughed and said "tommarow?" I lightly slapped his arm and said "how bout... No!" I got up quickly and sat down next to drake and we started conversating he asked me if I wanted to do a duet with him and I said "sure! That would be amazing I'm recording again tommarow if you wanna stop by" he smiled and said "yeah of coarse!" And Justin must of been listening cause suddenly he wanted to feature on my album too! "Aye what about me babe?!" He asked kind of hurt and I looked at him and said "sure bieber I'm going to the studio at 7 am!"  He replied quickly "okay well I'll be there at 6 maybe.. I might sleep in though" he laughed trying to be sly after that he went and got drinks which I thought was stupid because your not supposed to drink alcohol before singing but he did only one can of beer but whatever I got a water and so did drake (probably trying to impress me) I walked up to Justin who was now dancing I slapped his butt (was aiming for his back but uh opps) he turned around and said "your a bad bad girl you know that?" He had a smirk on his face I looked him in the eyes I could tell he had more than one can of beer he was pretty drunk "no that was an accident but glad you enjoyed it.. I guess" he grabbed me and forced me to dance which was pretty awkward but he enjoyed it it was already 1 am and I had to sleep before the studio drake already left and so did well everyone else I look at Justin and say "do you need a ride" he said "y-yeah" sloppily and said "uhm I-I dunno where my hotel I-is s-sorry" he was now kinda pouty which was adorable I said "that's fine just come to my hotel" he smiled as if he where a child with a new stuffed animal we left and he got in the passenger seat 



What's gonna happen????? 

Only I know haha 

Okay I'll put the next chapter up tonight if I get at least 1 comment or 2 new readers! I hope your enjoying my horrible writing sorry about my punctuation and spelling and stuff and don't ask about the characters lol if you want to co-author or even be featured in one if my fanfics kik me or tweet me! (Some writing is based off true events)
Peace,love, and kony 2012...? Lol Jk 

I love you ... Hehe

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