Always mine?

What happens when two pop stars run into each other with the paparazzi around? What happens when they fall in love? And what happens when everything they do is thrown I front of the whole world? This story shows the ups and downs of the new "it" couple #lustin


3. Car



he got in and looked at me and said "so what is your new album gonna be about?" I put the car in drive and then answered "I was in a darker place when I started writing but I'm kinda writing about just life and life in general it's kinda difficult but whatever." (I say but whatever a lot srry) he looked at me I could feel his eyes staring at me as if he where looking for something I didn't dare look over cause I knew he wanted to see the pain and anger and frustration and happiness and sadness in my eyes but he did anyways "your gonna tell me what's wrong! Doesn't have to be today but your gonna tell me I can tell its bugging you and I don't like it! I feel bad for you and I don't even know your story!" I thought he was drunk?! Wtf uh surprise maybe he isn't I just stayed quiet and drive to the hotel we walked in and I put my hood up on my sweatshirt cause I was almost in tears Justin was acouple steps behind me but as soon as I put my hood up he was beside me he grabbed my right hand and squeezed it in a very comforting way and I just led us to the elevator where my worst nightmare appeared... A fan! Not just a fan but a FAN like the crazy ones to make it worse they where a fan of Justin's also! She started screaming and fangirling and almost passed out she said "y-y-you g-guys a-r-re t-together??!?!!?" I imediately took my hand out of Justin's and he grabbed my waist and said "yeah, but we are trying to have a special night so can you not tell anyone where we are staying it would mean a lot?!" How was he so calm? Well he has been in the industry longer he probably knows how to 'communicate' with them she just nodded and hopped of on the floor before mine i made Justin let go of me because it was awkward having my friend or was friend or my ish friend touching me like that especially after my breakup which came at a horrible time I pull out my phone and take a selfie and post it on Instagram and say "I'm gonna be in trouble 🙈 goodnight lovelies💜" I post it and then tweets and comments come flooding in faster than usual and then I realize that Justin photobombed me and was making a heart with his hands I immediately turn to him and slap him playfully and say "you are ruining my single life!" He kisses my cheek and says "won't have to worry about that for long!" He lays down on the bed and I crawl in next to him  and don't even bother to take of my clothes I wake up at 7 on the dot and hear singing in the bathroom I go in there to see Justin with only a towel around his waist he had taken a shower it smelled really good and he still had water dripping off his hair onto his glistening abs he says "good morning beautiful" I blush and say "good morning  ab boy!" I wink and walk away he says "you still have to tell me what's been bothering you! But we are late for the studio! Ill text drake maybe all 3 of us can do the song together?!" I smile and say"sounds good!" I put on some clothes and we get in the car and drive to the studio I didn't bother checking my phone cause I already heard all the calls and messages as I was getting dressed 



I know it's short but I promised I'd update so yeah :) and I have 8 all I asked for was 5 thank you guys!! 

To my weird friends who are reading


The next 2 chapters are gonna be long and y'all r gonna know my story cause I put some of it in so she didnt seem so innocent but I'm at goodwill right now so ill post the next chapter tonight

Hope you like it so far srry it's short :/

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