Always mine?

What happens when two pop stars run into each other with the paparazzi around? What happens when they fall in love? And what happens when everything they do is thrown I front of the whole world? This story shows the ups and downs of the new "it" couple #lustin


11. Can't help it

Can't help it- 

I wake up feeling a muscular arm under my head and the warmth of the blankets. I roll over to see justin sound asleep. He looked like an angel! His lips where perfectly parted I just had to kiss him, I slowly pecked his lips and he moved his head a little. After a couple seconds he managed to speak 

"I lo.." He murmured

I whispered in his ear "you what?" 

"I love you" He tried to smile but he looked to tired for anything 

"Go back to sleep babe." He demanded 

I laid my head on his chest, but I wasn't gonna sleep I just wanted to be with Justin. Justin wrapped his arms around me. I felt so safe in his arms. I slowly started drifting back to sleep since I had nothing more to do. 

(1 day later) (note: Justin has left for an interview on Ellen and will be back in two days) 

*beep beep* 
My alarm was going off I looked at the time 

"Ugh why three a.m. ?!" I whiper groggily 

I always have to get up at three if I have a concert, interview, meeting, etc. I honestly hate it, but fake it for everyone.. I got up and looked at my list for the day 

To do~
• get makeup and hair done with the new stylist
•look at the outfit choices for the tour
•meet up with the crew
• meet new manager 
•30 minutes of free time
•go to dinner with everyone

Okay so I'm just not gonna go to the party or the dinner and then I have like three hours for free time, I haven't talked to Justin so I guess I'll just call him then... Screw that I'm calling him now! I honestly didn't think id be so attached, am I getting clingy? Maybe I shouldn't call... No I should! I picked up my phone and called him on my way to hair and makeup. He answered on the second ring 

"Hey girl" he said sounding smooth as butter

"Hey boy..." I said awkwardly knowing that he was with people because he never calls me "girl" 

"Whatcha doin?" He asked

"Going to hair and makeup, what are you doing?" 

"In the car on the way to Ellen, are you going to watch?" He asked 

"Of coarse!"

"I'm kinda nervous... Can I tell her about us if she asks?" He asked sounding kind of stressed out

"Well, I guess" I said also starting to feel nervous 

"Okay! I have to go, I love you, babe!" 

"Have fun, love you too!"

I hung up just as I walked in to hair and makeup and saw a familiar face 

"Oh my gosh! I didn't know I was gonna be your stylist when they hired me!!" The girl said she looked about my age and very familiar! 

"Wait, have we met before?" I was till trying to figure out who she was 

"Yes... I'm Andrea we where besties in 9th grade, you told me you wouldn't forget about me bu..."  She started explaining but I cut her off 

"I didn't forget, I'm just caught off guard" I felt bad for not remembering right away 

"Oh okay we'll sit down boo boo, imma make you look perty!" She said pointing to the custom purple chair, we always called each other by pet names when we where younger "boo boo" was the usual though

"How come we never kept in contact?" I asked 

"Well you got famous, like you always said you would, and you changed your number, and we haven't talked since then" she looked kinda sad that we hadn't talked all that time I felt the same but I have a feeling we will be hanging out a lot more... Well maybe I mean justin and I are together like all the time! How am I going to have time for a relationship and all these things? I'm so busy! Am I too busy? Am I just stressing over nothing? My head hurts I looked into the large square mirror and saw my cheeks where red and not like when I'm blushing, I looked pretty pale otherwise, I lifted my hand to my head to see if I had a fever my hands  where cold but started getting warm as they touched my temple. Andrea was cleaning some makeup brushes and I turned around in the chair

"Hey" I waited for her to turn around and face me, she started walking closer "do I feel warm to you?" She put her fingers on my forehead 

"Damn!" She exclaimed "You have a fever!!" 

"Ugh don't tell anyone my team will make me go to the doctor but I have no time!!" I pleaded

"Okay if you don't get better your gonna have to! Remember that one week you where really stressed out and started making yourself sick?" She asked making me remember 

"Yeah, what about it?" I pulled a confused look on my face 

"Well I know that it's happened before that also! You just overwhelm yourself... I'm just looking out for you" she said sounding like a mom 

"It's fine, I know your just trying to keep me good." I smiled a little 

"Okay!! What kind of hair should we do? Wanna try something new?!" She looked excited 

"I guess" I don't try new things often 

She got out some scissors and I just let her do her thing, she added some layers and then she turned the chair around 

"I'm surprising you!!" She laughed 

She got out a box and opened it and started putting stuff with a strong smell in my hair, I'm guessing it's dye. She put me under a heater for about an hour. We started reminiscing about our old friends and stuff as she walked me to the sink to rinse my hair, I heard my phone ring with Justin's ringtone but I ignored it and let her rinse my hair. She blew it dry and curled it then turned me around. I looked in the mirror amazed and shocked at what I was seeing!! She dyed my hair purple and added extensions! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed with this! 

"Do you like it?" She asked

"No! I love it!" 

"I always heard you talking about having long purple hair. And I watched the rest of your dreams come true, so I thought why not give you another!" She looked happy with herself 

I got up and hugged her, I thanked her and then left for the rest of my day. On my break I texted Justin 

Me: hey :) 

Justin: hi cutie :) 

Me: what are you up to? Btw sorry I missed your call I was at h&m

Justin: it's fine don't worry bout it, turn on Ellen I'm going on in 10!

Me: okay text me after?

Justin: of coarse :* xo

Me: ily <3

Justin: <3 ily2

I went to the nearest tv and turned on the channel. I saw Ellen cracking jokes and then she welcomed Justin. He walked out with his swag in check and his charming smile. I can't help but think how lucky I am! Can't help it at all!! 




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