The Sacrifice

My name was Vanessa. I was a weak little girl with no mum, and that defined me. I could not fight and I was scared.

Now I am Caia. I am seventeen and I am strong. I will avenge my mother.


4. Three

An hour later and I had hit the roads, but there were no cars. Not a single one. So I just kept walking. Walking and walking until finally I saw headlights. I waved the truck down.

“D’ya need a ride, love?” the driver drawled, undressing me with his eyes. I grimaced internally but hopped into the passenger side. “Where to?” he asked. I didn’t like the look of him but he was the only vehicle I’d seen in three hours so I had to take my chances.

I have him the address and, after much debate (“I ain’t going there. It’s all abandoned. Ain’t nothing there, love”), we were off.

It took half an hour to get there. I thought of home and wondered if anyone had noticed I’d gone yet. They were probably frantic.

I needed warehouse 214. I had done this many times before, searching out abominations like These and killing Them without a second thought. But They had killed my mother. I as debating with myself whether to just kill Them or to ask Them why beforehand.

I crept into the warehouse, wincing as the door creaked and groaned on rusted hinges.

It was dark, and I daren’t turn on any light. I used my ears and listened. I couldn’t hear anything. No movement; nothing. Step by small step I inched my way in, my heart pounding. I had been trained for half my life to do this and I was terrified.

Then something moved. I stopped and held my breath. I had a feeling that even though I didn’t know if They were here, something knew I was here.

“So, the prodigal girl has finally sought us out,” said a voice, razor sharp, directly behind me. I spun on my heel and kicked out but whoever it was laughed, and it was still behind me.

I spun again and grabbed a flashlight and silver blade. Then I saw him, Aleister Locke, with his matted blonde hair and pitch dark eyes. He was grinning at me. I snarled and launched the dagger but he sidestepped it.

“Oh, darling. You’ll have to do better than that!”

He was stood on a pile of crates, towering five foot over me. The lack of light didn’t do anything to help. I also didn’t know how many of Them there were, but I knew he couldn’t be alone.

I reached for another dagger, not caring how fruitless it would be. Whys forgotten, he needed to die. They all needed to die. But before it left my hand I was pinned against the metal wall by my throat.

“Now now. Let’s not be hasty. Mummy was hasty and look what happened to her.”

“You killed her!” I spat, though it was hard to breathe.

“She killed my partner!” he hissed, fury tearing through his dangerous humour. “Do you know anything about us, Vanessa?”

The use of my old name rolling off his tongue like we’d known each other all our lives made my skin crawl. “I know you’re abominations and all you do is kill.”

“We don’t kill. We pay back in kind.

“Don’t romanticise it! You tore my mother’s throat out and drank her dry in front of me. I was eight!

She deserved everything that she got.” I was in the air, flying, and then I hit the crates and crashed to the floor. “We mate for life, you know? She knew that and she took delight in killing my partner right in front of me. So I was just paying her back. I was going to kill you but she begged so prettily.”

He laughed. They all laughed and I realised there wasn’t many of Them; four or five at the most. I had become accustomed to the dark now and could see shapes moving. They would be easy pickings – I just have to get Aleister out of the way.

I stood on shaky legs and faced him. I gave no warning before I was running. He looked shock for a second before he ran at me. Fighting vamps aren’t like fighting humans. They’re more graceful and fluid, like a river. But a river can be dammed and They can be killed.

I only managed to cut him the first time I swung the knife. The second time it lodged in his shoulder. I screamed and grabbed for my throat again, but the silver was slowing his reflexes giving me a split second to dart out the way.

Then there was another on my heels. A quick pirouette with my tomahawk and his head rolled. One down.

I turned back to the snarling Aleister but he was gone. A boot in my back sent me sprawling on the ground, my axe spinning across the floor. I gasped, the wind knocked from my lungs and then They were all on me, pinning me down, exposing my throat to be ripped out.

“Don’t fret, love. You’ll be seeing mummy real soon.”

I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. I wasn’t one to give up but there was no point in fighting. They were ten times stronger than me. I should have listened to Scot and Lincoln.

I waited and waited but nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw Scot, Lincoln and what seemed like half of the church towering over me, a pile of burning heads a few feet away.

“Am I glad to see you,” I gasped, trying to get air down my sandpaper throat.

“What do you think you’re doing here?!” Scot demanded. I could only look at the floor. “You could have gotten yourself killed, you stupid little girl.”

I knew it was only the anger talking for the most part, but it still hurt.

“I’m sorry.”

“Leave her alone. She’s alive and that’s all that matters right now.”

I sat up and saw four hunters restraining Locke. “We thought you might like to do the honours,” one of them said.

I didn’t hesitate reaching for my ‘hawk that someone held out to me. I looked Locke straight in his inky eyes and grinned. “Don’t worry, love. You’ll be seeing your partner very soon.”

We all delighted as his head hit the floor with a dull thud.

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