The Sacrifice

My name was Vanessa. I was a weak little girl with no mum, and that defined me. I could not fight and I was scared.

Now I am Caia. I am seventeen and I am strong. I will avenge my mother.


1. Prologue

My first encounter with Them was when They were killing my mother.

I was seven years old, and then I was alone. When terrible things happen and you lose someone close to you, they define you. When you’re as young as I was, it’s all people ever remember about you.

Oh, there’s the poor little girl with no mother. How hard her life must be. Every girl needs their mother.

These things were all true to an extent – my mother was dead and I was alone, my father having left years before. But those things should not define who I am. I am not motherless. I had a mother. She was taken from me by abominations, and that’s why I joined the Sacrifice.

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