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Shannon is a regular girl who goes to college, Marcel is there college geek what happens when they go on a college summer trip to America and get paired up for the three weeks,Shannon finds out what Marcel is really like and starts to fall for him...


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Harry's P.O.V

Our coach finally arrived and we got to the hotel within half and hour we were showed to our rooms and we unpacked our things Shannon shared a bunk with Charlotte.So i took the bunk under Jack, it was now 8:00 o'clock and we were all tired from our flight so everyone jumped in to bed and went to sleep i was the last awake so i turned out the lights. I was lying in bed and i couldn't stop thinking about Shannon about our kiss if it really meant anything. Or if she was confused about her feelings i tried to forget about those thoughts and slowly let sleep overwhelm me.


Shannon's P.O.V 

Once i was sure everyone was asleep i text Charlotte

To Charlotte: Are you awake?,i have something to tell you xx

i heard Charlotte whisper to me in the darkness "Whats up Shann?" She said sleepily "I kissed Harry" i admitted "Harry whose Harry?" she asked "I mean Marcel" i replied. i forgot she didn't know Harry was his real name. "You what?!" She whispered loudly. "I kissed Marcel,i no its crazy because he is the school geek but i can't stop thinking about him" i said shyly "Can we talk about this tomorrow" Charlotte yawned. "Okay nite" i replied "Nite hun" she answered back.I Lay my head back in my pillow and just thought about Harry, i wondered why he liked a girl like me i wasn't anything special then i started to wonder if he liked me at all? if he was just playing me? Lets face it he could get any girl he wants now he looks like that. All these thoughts were spinning in my head i tried to push them to the back of my mind. I eventually gave in to my tired eyes and drifted of to sleep.

~next day~

I woke up to the sound of Mr Walkers Voice screeching into our room "Wake up everybody,you have one our to get yourselves ready, have breakfast and then the first activity begins"

i dragged my self out of bed to find Harry and Jack were already awake Charlotte was asleep of course.I grabbed an outfit out of my bag i decided on a skater skirt and crop top with my Burgundy converse. i quickly straightened my Long brown hair it was naturally highlighted blond in places. I brushed my teeth in our surprisingly big bathroom grabbed my phone and headed out the door. "Hey speedy" i heard Harry Laugh "slow down,wait up for me" he chuckled "i actually wanna grab breakfast at some point today" i said winking in his direction. We both headed into the lift a got out at the cafeteria floor.I had a fruit salad for breakfast and Harry choose to have Bacon sandwiches. He was dressed differently again today he was wearing Grey joggers a plain white top and a grey beanie.His muscles poked out of his t-shirt and i couldn't help but stare. "starring at something" he wondered "no" i said blushing."Aren't you hot in Joggers?" i asked "No i don't feel the sun that much to be honest" he replied.


Harry's P.O.V 

Mr Walker was shouting stupid announcements again so i had an idea. "Wanna sneak away?" i offered "whose a bad boy now" Shannon replied grinning at me. We sneaked off and out the doors of the hotel. "Where do you wanna go?" i asked "to the beach?" She suggested "to the beach it is" i answered. We walked down the road a bit following the signs and arrived at the beach the sand was a lovely golden yellow we walked out onto the sand and let the sand go in between out toes. We walked at the waters edge hand in hand it was a beautiful day and not many people were about. We enjoyed the rest of the day together talking and taking photos we kept snap chatting people stupid faces and putting stuff on instagram."we better get back" i remembered that Mr Walker mite notice we had gone. We arrived back at the hotel after asking several people for directions. "Marcel Styles and Shannon Ramsay come here immediately" we heard Mr walker Scream as we entered the door. We were in trouble..


Shannon's P.O.V

We were punished and had to clean the coach we came in as a punishment. "i want this clean in the next half an hour im very disappointed in you both especially you Marcel" Mr Walker Shouted. We got to work cleaning  for a bit. We decided to take a brake and we sat at the back of the bus we started kissing and flirting an messing around . Harry slowly worked his way up my thigh and cupped his hand under my arse i wrapped my arms around his neck and we just starred into each others eyes.

I could feel Harry's Dick pressing against me he didn't realize he had a boner. "i think someones getting a bit excited" i giggled pointing to his very large erection. His cheeks went red with embarrassment.He put his hands over his penis trying to cover it up.I Sneaked my hands under his top feeling his abs. This turned me on and i was starting to get very horny.We sat down and i pulled Harry's joggers down followed by his boxers.I trailed by tongue down his abs and onto his dick i licked a bit at first before sliding his cock inside my mouth.Once i had finished pleasuring Harry he suggested he should go back to our room to take care of himself. i told him i would meet him there in five minutes after i hand finished giving the bus a quick sweep. i headed up to our room in the lift and i finally reached our floor i could hear people in our room so i thought Charlotte and Jack must be back from there activity,i felt tears form in my eyes when i walked in and saw Harry kissing Charlotte.

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