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Shannon is a regular girl who goes to college, Marcel is there college geek what happens when they go on a college summer trip to America and get paired up for the three weeks,Shannon finds out what Marcel is really like and starts to fall for him...


2. Chapter 2

 Chapter 2 


Marcel's P.O.V

The weekend passed and it was time for American trip it was 4:00 in the morning and we had to be a school for half past. i decided to go in joggers and a plain black top and white converse  and i didn't style my hair seen as we were flying so i would be comfortable for the flight,the top revealed my tattoos and i hoped people wouldn't judge me. I walked into school and walking through the corridor everyone was starring at me i didn't quite understand why. I walked in to the Gym and everyone was turned around "who's the new kid" i heard someone whisper. I went over and sat next to Shannon she was on her own so i felt i could relax,My voice was deeper when i was relaxed and not nervous. "Hey"


Shannon's P.O.V 

Some hot new guy came and sat next to me he looked familiar but he was fit! " hey,you new?" i asked, "Shannon,its me Marcel" he replied "Marcel?,Omg you look and sound so different" i said quite nervously. Was it a bad thing that Marcel's New look turned me on?,"do i really look that different,im only dressed differently and haven't style my hair" he laughed. Can a laugh turn you on? "you have tattoos and you sound different and are they new glasses" i commented "ermm yea i sat on my good pair and im more relaxed so my voice sounds deeper" he said fiddling with his glasses. "they are a better" pair i said with a smile. "right class we are catching the coach to the airport then our flight is at 1:30" Mr Walker told us. "Soo err wanna sit with me on the coach,I was gonna sit with Charlotte but she is sitting with Jack" i said nervously "Sure i got no one else to sit with" he chuckled.


Marcel's P.O.V

Me and Shannon jumped on the coach and sat in the middle.She seemed to be a bit nervous i don't understand why. i was just about to put my headphones in when a group of girls came up to my seat. "Hii,my friend thinks your hot and would like your number" a girl giggled. "errmm okay" i said handing her my number. "well your getting alot of attention now" Shannon mentioned, "yeah well i already like someone so it doesn't really matter"

~arriving in america~

We arrived at the airport in america and we had to wait two hours until our coach arrived "right listen up, the coach doesn't arrive for another two hours so you can amuse your selves till then just make sure we meet back here in 2 hours" Mr Walker bellowed. Me and Shannon decided to grab a drink and take a walk around. "why have you decided to dress like this?" Shannon asked "i dress like this all the time at home, i just thought i wasn't gonna change because people never knew this side of me and i thought they would judge" I stated "Well i like this you" Shannon said shyly "why are you so nervous all of a sudden?" i said curiously. "i get nevrous when i like someone Marcel it normal human behavior" Shannon Admitted "Its Harry" i corrected her "Harry?" she asked confused "yeah that's my real name,Marcel is my middle name Harry Marcel Edward Styles" i revealed "how come everyone calls you Marcel?" she wondered "its sort of a nickname i adopted from pre-school" he answered. "Well i like,it Harry" she said smiling.


Shannon's P.O.V 

i liked this side of Marcel or Harry it was better he wasn't as geeky an since his new found confidence he has been alot more flirty. I think im starting to fall for him. "Harry can i tell you something?" i said quietly "yeah sure?" he looked at me curiously, "well i think i ermm kinda like you" i said embarrassed "well i ermm kinda like you too" he said mimicking me. Then he did something unexpected he grasped me by the waist pulled me in and kissed me gently on the lips. He pulled away but i ran my fingers through his hair an kissed him passionately i bit his lip an tugged just slightly, he asked for an entrance which i offered and our tongues danced with one another. We pulled away and i looked at him and smiled he smiled back an i hugged him he was so warm and he made me feel safe.

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