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Shannon is a regular girl who goes to college, Marcel is there college geek what happens when they go on a college summer trip to America and get paired up for the three weeks,Shannon finds out what Marcel is really like and starts to fall for him...


1. Chapter 1

  Chapter 2 


Shannon's P.O.V

I sat down at the lunch table i was soon joined by Mel, Lucy, Josh, Jack and Charlotte. Charlotte sat next to me excitedly screeching in my ear "im so excited for the trip to America we are going to have so much fun!" she squealed. Charlotte often gets over excited about everything,we were all sat round the table enjoying our lunch and engaging in conversation when we hear the shouts and screams."not again" josh moaned "looks like Marcel is getting it again" Jack joked "you guys are so inconsiderate the poor guy gets beat everyday someone needs to do something" i protested "oh quit your complaining Shann he will be fine" Lucy remarked. "Right that's it im going over there i cant do this watch him get beat while we all just sit here!" i yelled. I walked over to Luke, Matt, Billy and Scott they were the jocks and they always bullied Marcel, "alright that's enough back off boys" i demanded but i was drowned out by a series of wolf whistles "back off" i commanded "oh babe you're not gonna stick up for this geek are you?" Scott smirked sneaking his hand around my waist. "Yes,yes i am" i snarled pushing him off me. "Come on boys lets go it aint worth it" Billy murmured. "Tthhanks" Marcel stuttered "no problem" i assured him. "Catch you later Marcel" i said cheerfully.


Marcel's P.O.V

I'm so grateful Shannon stuck up for me no one ever does. I had a crush on Shannon since pre-school, i have known her for ages we used to be Best friends until we got to high school and she started Hanging around with other people,now we are in college and we don't speak at all.*Bell rings for biology* I make my way to biology and sit in my usual seat i have Mr.Walker this lesson no-one likes him,not even me. "Attention class we are going to discuss arrangements for next weeks trip, i will sort you into your pairs an tell you know your room numbers any questions before i begin?" Mr Walker boomed across the classroom. Luke raised his hand "sir will we be sharing rooms with the girls" Luke inquired "unfortunately for the girls yes it will be 2 boys and 2 girls to each room" Mr Walker announced. "Dibs on Shannon" Scott shouted, Shannon huffed slightly "Now we have that out the way Pairs Marcel and Shannon,Scott and Mel,Luke and Lucy,Jack and Charlotte,Billy and Olivia,Josh and Daisy,Matt and Harriet and Dan and Ellie."


Shannon's P.O.V

Oh great i was stuck with Marcel don't get me wrong i don't think its right he gets bullied but he is the school geek no one would want to be with him. I knew Charlotte would be happy because her and jack had been dating for quite a while. I just hoped i wouldn't have to share a room with Marcel too. "but sir can't i be with Shannon" Scott winked at me from across the room, he had a crush on me since the start of college an he never gives up i mean he is good looking and everything but he is a jerk. "No Scott the pairs are final" Mr Walker shouted,thank god for that i mean i don't want to be with Marcel but i would rather him to Scott. "Now for your rooms,Shannon,Marcel,Charlotte and Jack room 1, Billy,Olivia,Scott and Mel room 2, Matt,Harriet,Daisy and Josh room 4, Lucy,Luke,Dan and Ellie room 5."*Bell rings for end of biology*. I walk out of biology an leave college to go home i need to pack seen as its Friday and we Leave early Monday.







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