A Girl, Five Boys and Polos

What would you do if your favourite member of your favourite band had announced that his relationship was fake? That him and his 'girlfriend' were just good friends but management said to make it look like more? Would you jump at the chance? Even if you have no family apart from five boys who hardly know you, and one of them is the boy you're madly in love with?

That is what Maddie Sheppard asks herself one morning.

And this is what happened to her.


4. #ZiallIsReal

Chapter Four - #ZiallIsReal


(Maddie's POV)


Waking up to sunlight streaming through the thin hospital curtains, I tried moving but found I was trapped in strong slightly tanned arms. Looking up, I blinked into the face of Louis Tomlinson himself. My face lit up in a grin before remembering why we were here. Mum. Dad. The crash suddenly replayed in my mind and I pushed my way from Louis' arms to vomit over the edge of the bed. Feeling someone move over me to hold my hair from my face, I didn't care that it was Louis or even that I was being sick. I just wanted the memories gone. All the images. The scream. I still don't know if that was me or mum. My head filled with the sound of my dad swearing and that scream. That scream. It was all I could think of when suddenly everything went blank.


((q2gdd£ - this was my kitten's input and I wanted to keep it in cause why not I mean my kitten typed that. now on with the story))

(Louis' POV)


I woke up as Maddie violently threw up on the floor, and I leaned over j to pull some of her hair from her face. I think she made a noise of sort in thanks before she threw up some more. Reaching in my pocket I grabbed my phone and quickly texted everyone single-handedly in the hopes at least one would be awake and turned back to Maddie. "Mads, you okay?" Silence answered me and I pulled Maddie up to sit back against me and the pillows again, seeing her passed out. "Shit. Shit! Maddie!" I wiped a small line of sick from her chin with my hoodie sleeve and picked up my phone again to call Liam while calling out for everyone.

Thankfully Liam answered his phone fairly quickly. "Thank god Liam find a nurse or doctor quick Maddie just threw up everywhere and passed out." "Shit, okay. El and Dani will wait with you." That was all that was said and he hung up, Eleanor and Danielle almost immediately bursting through the door, Niall hot on their heels. I was slightly surprised to see Niall but was glad when he helped me move Maddie off of me and into a better position so she wasn't laying on her side. I took the seat directly on her left and Niall took the one next to me with the girls stood at the end of the bed, holding hands.

Only a couple of minutes later Liam turned up with the doctor who spoke to us before. He quickly moved to Maddie and checked her pulse, breathing and that her bandages and cast were okay before looking to me. "I'm told you were the only one in here. What exactly happened? Did Madeline say anything?" I shook my head, making a point to call her Maddie. "I woke up as Maddie started vomiting, so I held some of her hair out of the way and then she just passed out. I called Liam and the others straight away." He nodded and told us someone would come and clean up the puddle of sick and then left the room quickly.


(Niall's POV)


I looked at Louis as he slumped forwards in his seat, hand moving to hold Maddie's. He really did care about her. Nodding slightly to myself, I put my hand on his shoulder gently, causing him to look round at me in question. "Don't worry," I muttered, not sure how much the girls knew, "It'll be fine. You won't be getting any attention for Eleanor, Larry rumours or Mads for a while." His eyes widened slightly and he glanced at the girls before whispering. "You're doing it?" I nodded and smiled. "Like you said, it's about time." He nodded at me and let go of Maddie's hand to hug me quickly before I left the room.

I went straight to Zayn, who was sat up, having woken up with me when the girls were running all over the place. "Hey Zaynie." He smiled sleepily up at me, pulling me down to sit on his lap. "Hey babe. Is Maddie okay?" I nodded saying that she'd thrown up and was now passed out. Zayn frowned slightly but smiled again when I kissed his cheek softly. "I think we should do it." "You sure babe?" He blinked up at me and I nodded, moving to sit next to him with a smile. "How about we do this differently? We do a vine each of both of us coming out as a couple, and tweet them at the same time." Zayn nodded his agreement and kissed me, his hand moving to cup my cheek. This was the most we'd ever done and it still felt new to me, butterflies going crazy in my stomach as his tongue brushed against my lips. I readily opened them, my eyes falling shut in pleasure as we explored each other's mouths slowly, gently.


(Zayn's POV)


Me and Niall pulled away at the same time, both is us gasping slightly for air. One thing I could say for sure was that with all the singing and running about on stage at the same time, we could both go for a long time without a breath. I grinned at Niall as he blushed slightly, kissing his cheek and then getting our phones from where they were together on the floor, giving his to him. "Here we go babe."

He nodded and we both opened up vine, not as used to the app as some in the band - cough Harry cough - and angled our phones so we were looking at both and could both be seen in them. "Hi everyone, there's something you should know." I started, and smiled encouragingly at Niall, whispering "go on babe." He smiled back and looked at our phones again. "Me and Zayn thought it was time you all knew, that.." He bit his lip slightly and I felt his hand wrap around mine. I nodded at him and we said together, "We're dating." "Ziall is real!" I added as Niall laughed and nodded, "It's official." I quickly kissed his cheek and then stopped recording, Niall doing the same.

As soon as his phone was down I kissed all over his face, cradling his face gently. "Thank you babe, I knew you could do it." He laughed and managed to kiss me back. "No, we did it." I nodded and hugged him close to me for a few seconds before releasing him and kissing his forehead with a smack. "Let's get these videos out there."

Picking up our phones again we linked the video to our twitters and decided to name them both 'official Ziall coming out video' using the hashtag #ZiallIsReal. We knew our fans would come up with something anyway but may as well make it as clear as possible.

I grinned at Niall again, wrapping my arms around him. "Does this mean I can call you my leprechaun in public, and babe, and take you on dates, and brag to everyone about my amazing famous boyfriend?" Niall buried his face in my chest as he laughed, practically in hysterics. "Only if I can too, my Bradford bad boy!" I laughed with him, nodded and kissing him again softly. Man but I could get used to this all the time.


//AN// okay I thought I'd stop there otherwise this would be too much. A whole load of Ziall for everyone XD and some Laddie..? Mouis? Louddie? IDEK. But not much of whatever they're gonna be called cause there was some in the last chapter and there's loads in the next.

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