A Girl, Five Boys and Polos

What would you do if your favourite member of your favourite band had announced that his relationship was fake? That him and his 'girlfriend' were just good friends but management said to make it look like more? Would you jump at the chance? Even if you have no family apart from five boys who hardly know you, and one of them is the boy you're madly in love with?

That is what Maddie Sheppard asks herself one morning.

And this is what happened to her.


1. Teenage Dirtbag

Chapter One - Teenage Dirtbag


(Maddie's POV)


I stepped out of our new bright red mini with a grin, looking over at the O2. Finally, I was seeing One Direction! Not even thinking about waiting for my mum and dad to catch up I headed straight to the exit of the car park, a spring in my step causing my short curly hair to bounce around me.

Ten minutes later, I had successfully dragged my parents to the merchandise stand. "Okay Mads, because this is your birthday present you can have seventy pound to spend but that's through the whole night." I hugged my dad tightly before going on tiptoes to kiss his cheek, "Thank you daddy!" before taking the money and jumping forwards to the counter. "Can I have the zip-up jacket in a small please, aaaand... The Take Me Home poster and the key ring." I was handed everything in a One Direction bag and I gave my thanks before begging mum and dad to take me to Nando's before the concert.


(Louis' POV)


I rolled my eyes at Harry and Niall shouting orders at me as I typed them into my iPhone and waved goodbye. With my hood up and walking quickly from the arena to Nando's, I hoped nobody would recognise me purely because I was in a hurry.

Thankfully I managed to get our orders in fairly quickly and was back out in about fifteen minutes. Being famous does have it's perks after all. Walking back towards the arena, I didn't notice the girl in front of me until it was too late and I'd crashed into her. "Oh crap, sorry!" I yelped out, reaching a hand down to help her up and picking up her bag with a smile. "Here you go. I'm really sorry about that, wasn't paying attention."

She blinked at me with big brown eyes and then grinned, "It's fine Lou, my fault really. I'm naturally clumsy." She shrugged with a small laugh and I grinned back, realising that my hood had fallen off. "Ah, right," I pulled my hood back up with one hand, "well, it was nice talking but I have to get this back to the boys." She nodded and waved, walking past me to Nando's and I had a sudden urge to keep talking to her. "Hey," I hurried over to her with a grin, "I feel rude now, just walking away. Um.." "Maddie." She smiled at me and I grinned at the dimple appearing in her right cheek. "My name's Maddie, if you were wondering." "Okay," I nodded slightly, pulling out my iPhone and waving it, "I'm terrible at remembering people so.. mind if I..?" I trailed off in a question, lifting my phone again and opening the camera. To my delight she smiled even wider and nodded, her hair bouncing around.

I turned to stand next to her and she pulled up the hood on her One Direction jacket, both of us grinning at the camera as I took the photo. "Fabulous! I'll see you round Maddie." I waved before we both turned back to our destinations and I couldn't stop myself from looking after her, grinning as Maddie skipped into Nando's to who I guessed were her parents.


(Maddie's POV)


Mum turned to send me off to the arena when I realised that I'd finished my polos, so went running off to the small shop I'd spotted further down from the cinema. "I'll be back in two seconds!" Not listening to whatever was shouted after me, I carried on to the shop and grabbed a four-pack of polos, walking into someone in front of me wearing a red hoodie as I turned to the counter. "Oh! Sorry, sorry. Just me being clumsy. Sorry." I garbled, trying to pick up the polos I'd dropped by their feet. They bent down to grab the polos and the next thing I knew they were buying them as I got back to my feet. "Here, they're on me."

I blinked up at the voice that I would recognise anywhere and died a little inside when he grinned at me. "Maddie! You weren't joking when you said you're clumsy." I nodded, blushing slightly. "Haha, yeah.. Um. Could I have my polos please? I kind of need to go find my seat." "Oh! Of course." Louis gave me my polos with a grin and on impulse I tore open the packet and pressed one tube into his hand. "You did pay for them, it's the least I can do." His grin grew at that and he pulled me into a quick hug before leaving the shop with a wave sent my way and a shouted goodbye of "See you out there Maddie!" It was all I could do to not scream right there as everyone around me was completely oblivious to the fact Louis Tomlinson just bought my polos and hugged me, so instead I hurried back to my parents.

"Have fun Mads!" "We'll meet you back under the blue lights okay? The merchandise side." I nodded, hugging mum quickly and then heading off for entrance D. "See you later!"


(Niall's POV)


Louis came running backstage as Camryn was going on, giving her a quick hug before running straight past us to his laptop to look through Twitter. Liam went to sit next to him on the floor and Zayn just rolled his eyes. "Louu where's my chocolate?" I called to him, hanging over the back of my chair as my stomach rumbled in perfect time. "Catch!" He threw a giant bar of dairy milk at me but I didn't miss the polos he also pulled from his pocket. Tucking into my chocolate, I thought nothing of it.

That was until Liam questioned Lou on what he was doing. "Maddie? Who's Maddie?" "A friend okay? I met her earlier outside Nando's and again just now." I turned to raise my eyebrow at them and Zayn shrugged at me, asking what we were all thinking. "So she's a fan that you've met twice?" "Yes, Maddie's a fan but she's a really nice girl and didn't freak out or anything." Liam grinned at Louis and Harry came running through the door to us. "No one can take my Boo-Bear away from me!" Lou grinned at him with a sigh, "Nobody's trying to so don't worry your curly little head." patting his hair as he did. Leaving Liam and Lou to their Twitter search, me and Zayn shared my chocolate as Harry ran off again.


(Maddie's POV)


I jumped up and down slightly at my front row seat as 5 Seconds Of Summer left the stage, anxiously chewing on my lip as I waited for the boys to come on. Five minutes later Single Ladies started playing and everyone in the front row started dancing, me along with them. As I danced I couldn't help but imagine Louis doing the same backstage. I looked around quickly I saw everyone on the floor was dancing too and a few people near me at the side. The song soon went, to laughter from probably the entire arena and then the lights dimmed again, the screens lighting up in front of us.

Before I knew what was happening everyone was screaming and then the boys stepped out from the backdrop as Up All Night started.

"Now, this is our- well I don't know about the boys but this is my favourite part." Liam started and I went on tiptoes to see them better on the square in the middle. "This is where we get to connect with all you fabulouis fans!" Louis almost screamed at us and I cheered loudly, laughing as it registered that he said fabulouis.

"I love this tweet, I was laughing for almost five minutes earlier; 'So boys, serious business now. What is your ideal cinema snack? Niall can only choose one.'" I screamed as i realised that was my tweet. Louis just read out my tweet. He grinned in roughly my direction before answering the question. "I have to go with polos. They're just amazayn." Zayn glared at him before answering. "It's gotta be nachos for me." Liam nodded in agreement with Harry saying that he'd go for popcorn. All four turned to Niall and he immediately said ice cream, then "Sweets! No, popcorn. No. Ice cream. Or crisps. Or nachos. No! Nando's!" Zayn raised his eyebrows at the Irish and grinned. "Only one Nialler." He pouted for a second before confirming nachos.

Then Liam took over. "Now that's interesting, because we got another tweet from this person saying; 'whoever says polos or mints of any kind, I will love them for all eternity.' Louis!" Lou started laughing and I couldn't hold in my giggles as I opened a tube of polos. "Looks like I'm loved for all eternity! Thank you, uh, Madsie..? Row one! Scream, wave, do something." On impulse, I shouted "Heads up!" and threw a full tube of polos at them, aiming straight for Louis' face. Amazingly my throw was strong enough to reach the edge of the square stage and Louis leaned forwards to catch the polos.

After that they read out more tweets and once they were back on the main stage in front of me I let out a scream as Louis waved the polos and Teenage Dirtbag started. I didn't care if I could hardly carry a tune, this song was my childhood and I was singing along.

An hour later I blinked drowsily and rested my head against the car door, pulling my thick black coat over me like a blanket as I drifted off to sleep amongst the queues in the arena car park.

What felt like two seconds later I was woken up by the sound of brakes screeching and I looked up to see a car speeding alongside us and swerving madly. All of a sudden dad was swearing as he tried moving to a different lane and I heard a scream - wait, was that me or mum? - before everything went black.


//AN// MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAH!! So.. this is a kind of new story that I started on wattpad and I thought why not put it on my movellas account? SO HERE YA GO.

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