A Girl, Five Boys and Polos

What would you do if your favourite member of your favourite band had announced that his relationship was fake? That him and his 'girlfriend' were just good friends but management said to make it look like more? Would you jump at the chance? Even if you have no family apart from five boys who hardly know you, and one of them is the boy you're madly in love with?

That is what Maddie Sheppard asks herself one morning.

And this is what happened to her.


2. Hospital Time

Chapter Two - Hospital Time


(Louis' POV)


I yawned loudly as me and Harry walked into our room at the hotel, turning the tv on just in time for the ten o'clock news. "A man presumed in his fourties has been declared dead as paramedics arrived at the scene of a crash along the M25 half an hour ago. A wife and daughter have been rushed to hospital, both in apparently stable conditions. The two men in the other vehicle have also perished. We have some footage from after the crash." I stared in horror at the screen as a red mini was shown upside-down and another car further away. Paramedics turned up as Harry sat next to me. "Lou? You okay?" "Shh!" I leant closer to the tv as the girl was dragged out from the car and I gasped, grabbing the remote to press pause.

It was hard to make out but as I pressed play so it went slowly, my eyes widened in shock and I paused it again. That was Maddie. That was her curly hair. That was her red skinny jeans. That was her One Direction jacket. That was a packet of polos falling to the ground. That was the girl I had a crush on, who's dad has been announced dead.

I didn't realise I was crying until Harry pulled me into his arms. "Shh, Boo-Bear... It's alright." I shook my head into his chest. "No it's not Harry. Maddie's in hospital and her dad's dead!" Clinging to Harry, I failed to notice him stand us up and leave the room slowly pulling me with him. "Hazza! What's wrong with Lou?" "Niall, get Liam and Zayn. We're going on a trip to the hospital." "What? Wh-" "Don't ask questions! I'll explain on the way, just go. We'll meet you downstairs."


(Niall's POV)


By the time me and the boys had made it to the car park, Louis had stopped crying but was just staring at the ground. I couldn't help but wonder if he knew what we were doing. Me and Zayn clambered in the back, Harry following as Lou got in the passenger seat with Liam driving. "Okay, spill. Why are we making an impromptu trip to the hospital?"

To my surprise, it was Lou who answered. "I need to see Maddie and make sure her and her mum are okay." Liam glanced back to us and Harry nodded so Liam went with it. "Okay, time to go see Maddie."


(Louis' POV)


Me and the boys were led to a private waiting room so there wasn't any attention and told by a nurse to wait for a few minutes while she checked if it were possible for us to see Maddie. I started pacing but was told off by Zayn for annoying him so I sat in the armchair opposite him and Niall, getting my phone and opening twitter for something to do.

Five minutes later I closed the app because I had been looking through Maddie's tweets from that day. Instead I started a text to one of my best friends. 'I need help. Meet me outside city hospital? Please? xxxx' thankfully the reply came through straight away. 'Of course, I'll be there in ten xxxx'


(Eleanor's POV)


As soon as I parked at the hospital I could see Lou pacing in front of the doors making them keep opening and closing. I ran over and hugged him tightly, immediately able to tell how distraught he was over this. "It's gonna be fine Lou. The news said she was okay." He nodded into my shoulder and then took my hand to lead me through the eerily quiet hospital. Admittedly it was the middle of the night but it still felt strange.

After finding the boys again, Liam in a corridor on the phone to Dani, I sat Lou down with a flask of Yorkshire tea I'd brought with me. "I know you wouldn't want the hospital crap." I explained as he smiled weakly at me. Nodding at Zayn, Harry and Niall they left the waiting room to give us some privacy. Although they knew we weren't dating I think they wish we were, but they still respected that me and Louis needed to talk alone.

"She really means a lot to you, doesn't she? Lou, I know you. I can tell." He looked at me with wide, slightly bloodshot eyes and nodded. "Then go for it. Neither of us has been really happy with the paps lately and management haven't been helping. Just do it. We both tweet, get the boys to as well and soon enough it will be out there." He frowned, putting down the flask. "What will be?" Smiling, I pulled out my phone and tweeted, it immediately showing up on Lou's mobile. He looked down at the notification and blinked before smiling slightly and sending one of his own.

The boys came back in then together with Dani, who came over to hug Lou and then me, us all sitting in a sort of semi-circle. I raised my eyebrows in question and he nodded, signalling that he'd tell them all. "You know we haven't been happy lately, all this pretending. So, we both just tweeted. I don't know if you'd have seen or not yet but we're pretty sure some fans will have. If you all could tweet about it, something like how we are friends and that's all it ever was. Anything really to show that me and El aren't dating. We thought it was about time." Their reactions ranged from surprise to joy to smug, the smugness of course from Harry and Danielle.

After that we fell into the sort of silence that was just between awkward and comfortable when a doctor came through to say that Maddie was fine, still asleep but we could see her. Louis grabbed my hand tightly and said that us two and Harry would see her first and then alternate sitting with her and sleeping. The others agreed and Zayn informed us he was letting Josh know what had happened.


(Maddie's POV)


I blearily opened my eyes to see a blue plastic chair with a packet of polos on it, and looking around I realised I was in a hospital room. Panicking as I remembered what happened, I sat up quickly, letting out a small shout as pain spread up my entire right side. Someone was immediately at my bedside and laid me down again after propping up my pillow so I could see better. "Thank you.." I said quietly before looking up as I registered them talking. "I know this must be a shock, waking up with only me here." I blinked at Eleanor Calder and she smiled slightly and leaned forwards to hold my hand, squeezing gently. "I would be a bit confused too but I'll explain everything in a minute once the others are here." I just nodded, keeping hold of her hand.

Ten minutes later, 'the others' were sat and stood around me and I couldn't help but stare. Louis had been the first to arrive with vending machine-made coffee for him and Eleanor and he soon took over hand holding. Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Danielle and even Josh followed after and now I kept looking between Louis, Eleanor and Niall. The first two were looking at me cautiously while the latter was staring at the floor and looking positively depressed. "Okay can one of you please just tell me why you're in my hospital room and what's going on and why does Niall look like a kicked puppy?!" The blond turned away completely then and Zayn moved to sit next to him, wrapping an arm around him.

"Mads.." I turned to Eleanor as she spoke, "Yes? Eleanor, please just tell me. You said you would when everyone was here." "Oh Maddie.. I'm so sorry." Her hand covered mine and Louis' and she gave me a small smile, "Mads, you know you were in an accident?" I nodded. "Well, um.." Danielle stepped forwards then to sit on my other side. "Sweetie, your dad died. I'm sorry. Your mum's in a coma but the doctors don't know if she'll be okay." "You'll be able to see her tomorrow if two of us take you." I looked back to Eleanor and then turned my eyes on Louis, who nodded slowly once. Dad was dead. Mum was in a coma. That meant I was... Hopefully temporarily, without a family. There was no way Emily would want to see me even now.

I have no family.


//AN// Hey!! I know, I know. Quick updates! But, they won't be after a while. After chapter 5 there will be an update a day for this week and then see what happens when I'm back at college XD

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