A Girl, Five Boys and Polos

What would you do if your favourite member of your favourite band had announced that his relationship was fake? That him and his 'girlfriend' were just good friends but management said to make it look like more? Would you jump at the chance? Even if you have no family apart from five boys who hardly know you, and one of them is the boy you're madly in love with?

That is what Maddie Sheppard asks herself one morning.

And this is what happened to her.


3. Friends Not Lovers

Chapter Three - Friends Not Lovers


(Louis' POV)


Maddie immediately started crying, tears streaming down her face and I moved El out the way gently to half sit on the bed, wrapping my arms around the younger girl gently. Nobody said anything as she buried her face into me and hugged back as best she could with her right arm broken in a temporary cast. I held her tightly, singing softly to her. "If you're pretending from the start, like this, with a tight grip, then my kiss can your broken heart, I might miss everything you said to me." I glanced up to see El and Dani ushering everyone out if the room silently and I held Maddie tighter. "And I could lend you broken parts, that might fit, like this, and I will give you all my heart, so we can start it all over again."

She sniffed, sitting up again, tears now falling silently. "I promise it'll be fine Mads. I promise you that." Maddie nodded slightly, lifting her right hand to try and wipe away her tears, struggling due to the cast and her left arm being around me still. "Hey, you need to rest." I wiped away the last tears hand stopping to cup her cheek gently. Looking up at me, she blinked and I smiled slightly before pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "You'll be alright, you've got me and the boys."

Maddie nodded again and settled in my arms, turning slightly to relax against me and the pillows. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, right hand awkwardly holding my left. "Night Madsie, sleep well." I kissed her forehead again and closed my own eyes. I hadn't slept since we arrived and was hoping to get at least a half hour.


(Harry's POV)


I was sat in the small cafe with Eleanor and Dani, the boys having opted to stay in the waiting room to try and sleep. "So Lou really likes her huh?" Dani asked with a small smile and we both nodded, El looking to me as she saw me nodding with her. "He found her on Twitter minutes after they met for a second time, and read out her question specially. He was in tears when the news came on in our hotel room, he could tell it was her just by pausing it when the paramedics got her out of the car." The girls were staring at me, Dani with her mouth open and tears in her eyes, El just in shock I suppose. "He didn't say.. all he told me was that he liked her." El frowned slightly at the still full cup of vending machine crap before smiling. "At least he'll be happy."

Me and Dani nodded and then she sighed, frowning to me and Eleanor. "Will he be though? Maddie won't be happy for a while, what with her parents. Surely her being upset will make Lou upset too?" Well, there went my optimism. I sighed too, picking up my own crap drink and taking a sip before throwing it in the bin.

"I'm going back up, see you in a while." They nodded and I trudged back upstairs, pulling out my phone to open Twitter. Unsurprisingly, my mentions were going mad with the news of 'Elounor' being fake. I sighed, looking at the worldwide trends and finding the second top trend being '#ElounorFriendsNotLovers'. I had to admit that our Directioners came up with something quite good this time. Looking through the tag, I groaned quietly at the amount of people talking about Larry. I immediately sent a tweet to clarify, using the tag for more impact.

'Much like #ElounorFriendsNotLovers me and Lou are best friends only, anyone thinking otherwise I'm flattered but no'

Sighing as I got hundreds of retweets in seconds, I put my phone away and joined the boys in the waiting room, seeing Josh on his phone, Liam asleep in a chair and Zayn and Niall talking quietly on the sofa.


(Niall's POV)


I glanced up as Harry walked in but kept hold of Zayn's hand, our hands not visible to anyone due to our bodies hiding them. Zayn smiled at me and squeezed my hand gently. "Hey, we don't have to say. You know I don't mind keeping quiet, the amount of fans that would be devastated because Narry and Niam and Nouis and Zarry and Ziam and Zouis aren't actually romances. And the attention from the paps too, it'd be too much. I don't want that on us, on you babe." Smiling back, my heart fluttered every time he called me babe, I shook my head slightly. "No, our fans would support us. We're all getting attention anyway. I know you came out as bi before but if we announce us being, us, it would take the heat off Lou and El and Harry."

We both looked over at Harry, who was leaning against Josh on the other sofa, both of them half-sleeping. "We can handle it Zaynie. I know we can." He grinned at me, kissing my cheek softly. I was the only one to ever call him Zaynie, it was the nickname I'd given him when we first became One Direction. "Okay babe. In the morning?" I nodded, curling up against Zayn, our hands staying linked together as I kissed him quickly. "Night Zaynie." "Goodnight Nialler babe."


(Eleanor's POV)


As me and Dani walked back up the the waiting room, I stopped her from opening the door at the sound of hushed voices. Peering through the small window, my eyes widened slightly as Niall kissed Zayn quickly on the lips and they snuggled up together on the sofa they were sharing. Waiting a couple of seconds, I gestured to Dani to stay quiet and follow my lead. First I took a picture of Harry leaning on Josh, and then one of the 'new' couple that I'd always thought would be perfect together. Dani took several of 'Hosh' as they were known as and one of Ziall before we both tweeted. I sent a picture of Hosh simply saying 'cuties' and then the Ziall picture with the caption 'hmm friends not lovers..?'. Grinning at Dani as she laughed softly at my tweet, we whispered a goodnight to each other before settling into the last two chairs for the night.


//AN// Just to clarify: I love Elounor and Zerrie okay I think they're both absolutely perfect but in this, I wanted Eleanor but wanted it to be a Louis fic that didn't hate on her, and I fricking love Ziall so Zerrie didn't happen and I made up that Zayn has said previously that he's bi, in my little head canon for this it was to make Ziall eventually coming out easier.

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