A Girl, Five Boys and Polos

What would you do if your favourite member of your favourite band had announced that his relationship was fake? That him and his 'girlfriend' were just good friends but management said to make it look like more? Would you jump at the chance? Even if you have no family apart from five boys who hardly know you, and one of them is the boy you're madly in love with?

That is what Maddie Sheppard asks herself one morning.

And this is what happened to her.


5. Caffeine Please

Chapter Five - Caffeine Please


(Louis' POV)


I scrolled through Twitter, sighing as I saw only a few tweets directed at me, El or Harry. Almost everyone was now talking about 'Ziall' and how 'they knew it'. Finding myself back on Maddie's twitter, I frowned as noticed she had retweeted lots from a @StarBurst and had tweeted her most along with me and the boys. Curiosity peaked, I clicked on her profile and found that she too was from Brighton. Sighing, I scrolled through her tweets and saw that they were all based on One Direction and Maddie, some sent to her and some to the official 1D Twitter. I stopped scrolling at one tweet.

'If you know anything about where my best friend is please let me know you were her favourite'

That tweet especially made me click on the follow button and send her a direct message. It had been sent just to my account but had obviously gotten lost in the mentions I hadn't read in the past day.

'Hi Sarah, me and the boys are with Maddie at City hospital in London. If you could get here it would be great, she needs all the friends she can'

I sent the message and got a reply immediately.

'I'm already on my way, is Mads okay?' 

'She's alright, a couple broken bones but that's all' 

'why couldn't she tell me herself?' 

'because she just threw up and is now sleeping it off'

Okay so she wasn't really sleeping it off more like unconscious but she should be awake by the time Sarah gets here. I got one more message saying she would be there as soon as possible and then my twitter was silent again.

Rubbing my tired eyes, I turned to El and Dani but they'd already left, I obviously hadn't noticed while talking to Maddie and messaging Sarah. Instead, I turned back to Maddie and held her hand again. "I was just talking to Sarah on twitter, you know, Starburst. She's on her way up here now. You worried the hell out of her,and me. Did you hear your doctor when Liam brought him in earlier? Madison. Does he seriously think anyone calls you Madison? Nah, you're Madsie. You always will be sweetheart." Suddenly I felt a squeeze of my hand and I sat up more, watching Mads with a small smile. "Madsie? Did you like being called sweetheart, is that it? Starburst did say I was your favourite. This better not just be a huge stunt for my attention sweetheart or I swear.." I trailed off as Maddie stirred, rolling slightly onto her left side and blinking open her eyes. "Hey Lou." She whispered and gave me a smile. "Hiya sweetheart." I leant forwards and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead. "Will you be okay for a minute while I get me some coffee that tastes like dog crap mixed with feet but has loads of caffeine?" She laughed quietly and nodded so I eased my hand out of hers and left the room.

Quickly poking my head in the waiting room as I passed, I asked if someone could sit with Mads and to my pleasant surprise Niall and Zayn were up as soon as the words left my mouth. I left everyone to it and was happy to find the small cafe was open and I didn't need vending machine crap. "You look like you need a drink." The elderly woman smiled at me and I nodded, handing over the right change for a coffee. "I'll have a large cup of caffeine please."


//AN// So this one was a bit shorter, but the next few chapters are longer and more happens XD If you read and liked please like or leave a comment it really does boost my motivation, despite the plot bunnies. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE. I'M STRUGGLING TO GET THEM DOWN. ARH.

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