What I am

What happens after death? Do we simply fade away? Is there any form of afterlife?


5. What I am-Outro

I am a child, swept away by a wave whilst my parents weren't looking, leaving behind an unfinished castle. I am a soldier, who was killed by a rope made from the blood of my brother and the snow of the eastern front. I am a mother, and in my final moments, gave birth to an orphan.

 That is what I am. A collection of distant memories. An echo of every soul that has ever died. I am death, or simply the thing that comes afterwards.

 You may call me Heaven, but Hell may be a more fitting term. For each mind of mine, each conscious being that I am, lives solely in the final moments of its life. I may be eternal, I may be absolute, inevitable, but these are not the things that define me. Let me tell you a secret, a fact of me beyond all others.

 I am alone. An eternity alone.

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