What I am

What happens after death? Do we simply fade away? Is there any form of afterlife?


3. The soldier

He wakes up. He is the german soldier on the eastern front, with half his face burnt off, and his arm non-existent. He is not used to his wounds, and each time he wakes up he has to relearn the contours of his refashioned body. 

 His brother comes to sit by his bedside. On the brother's face is a slight and sympathetic smile, seemingly nothing more than a wordless lie. His brother sits with him for a while, and then leaves for battle. It snows outside.

 The brother dies, and the soldier cries.

 That night, the soldier takes a length of rope, ties a knot with one to a beam on the roof. He then ties a noose around his neck, and jumps. And comes slightly closer to me.

 He wakes up. He is a wounded german soldier, on a front. He is not used to his wounds

 He has a brother who sits by his bedside. It snows outside.

 He is crying. 

 He is dying. He dies, and comes closer to me.

 He wakes up. He is wounded. He is crying-he does not know why-and he dies.

 The soldier fades, leaving behind only his sadness.


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