What I am

What happens after death? Do we simply fade away? Is there any form of afterlife?


2. The child

He is a child, standing on the beach, not knowing where his parents are, building a sandcastle. He sees the water, and decides to go deeper.

 He stands in the water, shivering, but happy. He dives under, immersing himself completely in the water. He goes out deeper, until he cannot touch the bottom.

 The current gets stronger, forcing him out further, and deeper, but he cannot swim, cannot see his parents, but still he is forced out further, until his lungs are filled with water.

 He dies.

 He is a child, building a sandcastle. He can't see his parents, so goes deeper.

 He goes deeper. He cannot swim. The current forces him down, and fills his lungs with water.

 He dies

 A child. A beach. The Water. He dies.

 And so it continues, a fading echo of a child, his memories and conscience dissipating into eternity. 

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