To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


16. You Cut Me Deep!

Destiny's P.O.V




We're staying at Langham hotel in Auckland and there are a few fans outside. 


"Mommy, can we go outside?"Darren asked. "What do you want to do outside?"I asked fixing Darcy's shirt. "I wanna play."He said. "Okay, we'll go, but you two need to put on a few warmer clothes. It's windy outside."I said and they cheered.


"Okay, come on kids."I said grabbing their hands and headed out to the lounging room. "Are you guys going anywhere?"I asked grabbing an apple from the fruit basket. "Nope, it's too windy outside, you?"Sam asked.


"These two wanted to go outside so I'm taking them to the mall and perhaps watch This is Us."I said. "Well, be careful out there."Mom said and I nodded. We made our way out the door and walked down quiet hallway. "Dest, wait up!"I turned around seeing Liam jogging towards us.


"What made you change your mind?"I asked continuing walking with the kids. "Well, I didn't wanna go in the first place but then remembered I would be in the same room with those lovey dovey couples in there."He said and I laughed.


"Don't worry. You'll do the same once you find the one. Just like when it was you and Danny."I said and he nodded. We all got into the elevator and made our way to the lobby seeing a lot of security guards outside making sure no fans get in.


I grabbed Darren and Liam grabbed Darcy and we made our way out Paul right next to us, guiding us in the car. "Thanks Paul."I smiled. "No problem. See you guys back here in a few minutes."He said and we nodded.


Liam helped me buckled the kids in their car seats and drove off to the mall in Auckland City. "Where was Harry this morning? I didn't see him."I asked and Liam shrugged. "I didn't see him either. He was talking to someone on the phone last night though."Liam said and I nodded. 


There was a pause of silence and  could see Liam looking at me from the corner of my eye. I turned on the radio, trying to avoid him staring at me but he kept looking. "You still like him don't you."He said out of the blue and I pretended I didn't hear him.


"Dest, I know you could hear me."He said. "Oh, what was that? Sorry I didn't hear you over this loud music."I said and he rolled his eyes turning off the radio and I mentally groaned. "You still like Harry. I could tell by the look on your face."He said and I shook my head. "I don't know what your talking about."I laughed dryly.


"Dest, just admit it. I saw your face last night when you we're about to hug him but then you were a bit disappointed cause his phone rang."He said and I really wanted to slap myself right now. How could it be that obvious?


"Okay, yes..I like him. But I don't think he feels the same way though. I mean we've moved on and that kiss last night got me thinking does he still have feelings for me and I know that I still have feelings for him..but..ugh I don't know."I sighed.


"Well, I think it's good that you have feelings for him once again. You guys make a cute couple and uhm Niall told me about..."Liam said gesturing over to the twins who were playing quietly at the back.


"Don't tell him, please."I begged. "I won't but I still think you should tell him sooner or later. Harry deserves to know, Dest."He said and I nodded. "I know and I'll tell him..I just need some time."I said and he nodded slowly.




"Somebody get, Harry. Dinner is ready."Mom said. "I'll go."I said getting up from the couch and made my way down the hallway looking for Harry hotel room. I knocked on the door and no one opened it. He's probably sick?


I turned the door knob and made my way inside seeing no sight of Harry anywhere. I walked into the kitchen and no one. Then I heard sounds coming from the bathroom. OMG he is sick! I ran towards the bathroom, swinging the door opened and my heart stopped beating and I forgot how to breathe.


The view in front of me was not a good view. "Destiny, what are you doing here?"Harry asked and I quickly blinked the tears away. "Uhm...dinner's ready."I said and ran out of his room as fast as I could.


Harry was in the bathroom fucking the new blonde rapper Iggy Azalea. Maybe that's who he was talking to on the phone last night.


I opened my room and ran straight in. "Honey, is Har-"


I couldn't even stop my legs. I ran into my bedroom and cried my eyes out. How could I be so stupid enough to think that he would actually love me again? I'm such an idiot. "Honey, are you okay?"I heard Mom call out from outside the door. "Mom, I wanna be alone for a bit."I called out. "Okay, I'll send one of the girls with your dinner."She said. "It's okay, Mom. I'm not hungry."I called out. "Okay. I'll be back to check on you."She said and I heard her footsteps getting further and further away.


My phone rang from my night stand and I grabbed it seeing it was my brother. I quickly wiped the tears away and cleared my throat so he won't be suspicious. "Hey bro."I cheered. "Hey sissy. How's New Zealand?"He asked. 


"Fine. It's a bit windy though."I said. "Sounds fun. Where are the rest?"He asked. "Uhm their having dinner."I said. "Then where are you at?"He asked. "Just in my hotel room writing a song."I said. "Okay, I'll call back later then. Love you."He said. "Okay and love you too and tell the guys I said hi."I said and turned off the phone.


I placed it back on my night stand and then I thought about it maybe I should write a song. I walked over to the corner of the room and opened up my guitar case and got out my guitar and my song book, walking back to the bed.




"He ain't no you and I ain't no her. But I know if we tried, maybe we could've worked and you may see me smiling, tryna cover the hurt..but baby I need you to know."I sang and putting the lyrics in my song book.


There was a knock at the door and Darcy walked in. "Hey, Mommy. What'cha working on?"She asked hopping on the bed. "A new song. Where's Darren?"I asked her. "He fell asleep in the lounging room. Can I hear the song?"She asked and I nodded.























A/N: OH NO! More Drama! Poor Desty! Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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