To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


4. What?!

Destiny's P.O.V



"Mommy, we're ready for bed." Darren said jumping onto the bed. "Did you both brush your teeth?" I ask reading my book. "Yes, Mommy." Darcy said. They both jumped onto the bed and got under the covers.


"You guys know what to do." I said. "Now, I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May angels cradle me at night and bless me in the morning light. Amen." They both said in unison.


I kissed both of their foreheads and they lay down on the bed. We all share the same bed and I'm okay with it. I don't want my kids to sleep in a different room until their old enough. "Want me to read you guys a story?" I asked and they nodded. 


I walked over to my other suitcase and looked for a nice book to read. "The Flying Unicorn. Do you guys like this one?" I asked and they both nodded.


"Sara was a unicorn. 

She was a very special unicorn, and her tribe considered her one of the greatest creatures in the world, for Sara had wings, and she could fly.

Great big gossamer wings the color of moonlight, could take her soaring into the air above, her white body gleaming in the sun at day, and sparkling in the moon-and star-light at night.

She was a happy and good-natured animal and made friends with everyone, even humans.  She liked little children, who always stared at her in wonder and delight.  One little girl was her special friend.  She lived just outside of the forest that Sara lived in.  Her name was Minnie and she loved Sara with all her heart.

One day when they were walking in the forest, Minnie asked Sara, “Dear Sara, would you please, please, take me up with you into the great big sky?  I want to see the world from up there.  Please, Sara?”

“Of course, I will, my little friend.  Would you like to go now?” Sara asked, looking down at Minnie.

“Yes please,” Minnie shouted, jumping up and down in excitement.

And so, with Minnie on her back, Sara flew off into the air, climbing higher and higher, with the little girl screaming in delight.  She held on tightly to Sara and looked down at the ground that seemed so very far away.  The houses and trees looked like toys.  The river looked like a blue line drawn on one of her drawing pages.  Birds flew past her chirping a friendly greeting and she waved at them in return. 

Soon it was time to return to the ground, and when she landed she hugged Sara tightly and said, “Thank you so much, dear friend.  That was lovely.” The End." I closed the book and my lovely kids were snoring lightly.


I smiled and pecked their cheeks and turned off the lights.







"Mommy, wake up."I felt someone poking my face. I opened my eyes slowly cause of the sunlight shining from the window pane. I saw a bunch of curls and I smiled. "Yay. Mommy, your awake." Darren cheered.


"Where is Mommy's good morning kiss?" I asked and he giggled kissing my cheek. I got out of bed and grabbed my towel. "Honey, go to Mama and Papa to eat breakfast. Mommy's going to take a shower, Okay."I said ruffling his hair.


"And then we go shopping?"He asked. "And then Mommy will take you shopping." I said and he smiled walking out the door. I quickly got into the bathroom and turned on the shower.




I was all dressed now ready to go.

 I came to the living room and Darcy and Darren are already dressed. "Ready?" I asked and they nodded. We got into the elevator and Mike was holding Darren's hand. We made our way to the car and went in town.




"Mommy, look at you." Darcy said pointing to a magazine. I nodded laughing. "And that's you." I said pointing to the picture.


My phone rang and I got it out of my bag.


I looked at the caller ID. Ed.


"Hey." I answered. "Hey, how's it going?" Ed asked. "Everything is good. Last night was fun." I said smiling. "Good, now I have some more good news." He said.


"What is it?" I asked. "You will be an opening act." He said and I grinned. "For who?" I asked. "One Direction." He said and my smiled faded. "But..I-I can't." I stuttered. "Of course you can, Dest." He said.


"Mommy, can we go eat." Darren whined. "Hold on baby, I'm on the phone." I said. "Your first performance is in New York. I already talked to One Direction's manager and he agreed to it. Also Justin Bieber is here so maybe you two could sing your duet." He said.


"Okay. Does Justin know?" I asked. "No. Your gonna have to call him and let him know." He said. "Yeah, okay. Bye." I turned off my phone and dialled Justin's number. "How about we go to Mc Donald's? How does that sound?" Mike asked the kids and they grinned. 


"We'll be in Mc Donald's just over there." Mike whispered and I nodded and Justin finally answered. "Hey, Desty." Justin said. "Hey JB. I got a call from management and turned out I'm opening for One Direction and he wants us to sing our duet." I said.


"Okay, cool. Where is it?" He asked. "Uhm it's in New York." I said. "Yeah, okay. I'll be there. Text me the informations." He said. "Okay. Bye." I turned off my phone and made my way to Mc Donald's.


I can't believe I am opening for One Direction.


Out of everybody else but it had to be One Direction.


I think Ed is trying to torture me.


I sighed and walked in seeing Mike and the twins sitting on the corner table playing with the toys.



















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