To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


24. What The Fudgeballs?

Destiny's P.O.V



"Darce, Darren. Go get ready for bed."I called out drying the dishes. We just finished dinner and I'm about to go get ready for my interview and this one starts at night time so I have to call someone to look after the twins cause I can't take them with because they need sleep. We're leaving tomorrow to LA and get back in the studio.


"But, Mommy, we're not tired."Darren called back from the living room.I walked into the living seeing the twins watching Tangled. "Mommy, can we please watch this first?"Darren asked.


"Okay, but just this movie. After this you two go to bed. Got it?"I asked and they nodded and high-fived each other. "I'll call Uncle Nialler to babysit you guys for tonight cause Mommy's got an interview."I said looking for my phone. "Here's your phone, Mommy."Darce said holding up my cell phone.


"What we're you doing with my phone?"I asked a little curious. "Nothing, just played a few games."She shrugged and I narrowed my eyes. "It better be games, missy."I said and she laughed.


I dialled Nialler's number and he picked up on the third ring. I hope he's available for tonight. "Ello?"He answered. "Hey, Ni. Are busy tonight?"I asked. "Nope. Why?"He asked. "Well, I got an interview tonight and I need someone to look after the twins."I said. "Okay, I'll be there."He said. "Okay, thanks Nialler."I said and turned off my phone, running upstairs and took a quick shower.




"Darren, is Nialler here?!"I called out from upstairs. "Yes, Mommy."He called back. I fixed my hair and grabbed and grabbed my car keys, carry-on bag and cell phone. I walked downstairs and into the lobby seeing Niall playing twister with the twins.


"Hey."I said hugging him. "Don't worry I'll be back home early and Niall, pretty please I begging you to don't let them watch any other movie after this one. After this they go straight to bed cause we got an early flight tomorrow and I don't want them whining about how tired they on the plane."I said and he nodded laughing.


"Shut up and uhm make sure you call me if anything happens."I said. "But what if your on TV live at that time?"He asked. "I don't care as long as my kids are safe."I said and he nodded. "I'm counting on you, my little Irish man."I said patting him on the shoulder. 


"Okay, I got it. Now go before they send someone to get you."Niall said pushing me out the door. "Bye, Mommy."Darce and Darren waved. "Bye, lovies. Mommy, will be back soon."I said blowing them a kiss and got out the door.


"Please welcome Destiny Schmidt everybody!"The interviewer said and I walked out waving to the audience. I hugged the interviewer and sat down on my seat. "Wow, it's so nice to see you."She said and I nodded. "How are you?"She asked. "I'm great, how about you?"I asked. "I'm good. Now did you bring your kids with you tonight?"She asked.


"Uhm no. They're at home watching Tangled."I said and the audience laughed. "Well, who's looking after them? Your Mom, friends?"She asked. "A good friend of mine. I called him to look after them and he wasn't busy so that was good and I told to make sure my kids go to bed early because we have an early flight tomorrow."I said and she nodded.


"Well that's good. Are they gonna go to school or?"She asked. "Uhm, I haven't really thought about that but at the moment no because of my career and I could always home school them..on the road."I said and she laughed.

We continued on with the interview with questions about my album and stuff. I was just thinking about my kids and how they're doing.


Harry's P.O.V


I stuffed the last piece of pizza in my mouth and my phone rang. I searched on the couch for it and found it under the cushion. I looked at the caller ID and it was Niall. 


"Hey, Nialler. What's up?"I asked flicking through the channels and then stopped on Tangled. This is a good movie.


"Hey, Mate. Are you busy?"He asked and I could hear kids laughing in the background. Where is he? "Uhm..nope. Not really. Why? and why am I hearing kids in the background?"I asked turning the TV down. 


"Well, I'm babysitting the twins cause Dest has an interview and I just remembered I had promised Jamie that I would take her out tonight. Can you please come over and babysit the twins?"He asked.


"Sure. I'm on my way."I said and turned off my phone and put it in my pocket. I turned off the TV and grabbed my car key off the bench and made my way out the door. 




"So, Dest said after this movie they go straight to bed cause they have an early flight tomorrow."Nialler said and I looked at him confused. "What? Where are they going?"I asked. "I don't know where but they're leave tomorrow."He said and went to hug the kids. "Thanks mate."He waved. "No problem."I said and he walked out the door.


Where are they going to?


"Hi, Uncle Harry."They both said running towards me and attacked me with hugs making me laugh. I grabbed both of them and we all sat on the couch watching Tangled. Hey! I was watching this too. Funny.


"So, I heard you guys are leaving tomorrow."I said and they nodded. "Yeah. That's why we have to go to bed early tonight."Darce frowned and I chuckled at her cute face. She reminds me a lot of Destiny. They look alike.


"Well, where are you guys going?"I asked. "We're going to LA. Mommy got a call from Uncle Nick yesterday and Mommy is going back to the studio."Darren said and I nodded. That makes sense.




The film has finally ended and Darren has already fallin' asleep. Darce was still playing with her toys on the floor. "It's bedtime."I yawned making Darce laugh. I turned off the TV and locked the door, grabbing Darren off the couch and Darce right behind me.


"Watch your step, Darce."I said walking up the stairs. I walked into the kids room and placed Darren in his bed, kissing his forehead. I turned around and Darcy was already settled in hugging her stuffed girafee that I bought her.


"Uncle Harry?"Darce asked. "Hmm?"I hummed lookig at my watch. "Can you sing me a song? Mommy always sings a song before we go to bed."She said. "Sure, love." I said and started singing 'A Drop In The Ocean' by Ron Pope. "Oh my god. That's one of Mommy's favourite songs."She said making me laugh.


"Most nights I hardly sleep. Don't see what you don't need from me. It's just a drop in the ocean. A change in the weather. I was praying that you and me might end up together. It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert. But I'm holding you closer than most. Cause you are my heaven.."I sang and she gladly sang along.


I finally finished the song and Darce was just staring at me. It's like something's going through her head. "Are you okay?"I asked. "You look like my Daddy."She said and I was a bit surprised at what she just said.


"What did you say?"I asked and she chuckled. "I said, you look my Daddy."She repeated herself and I don't seem to understand her. "What do you mean?"I asked and she sighed loudly.


"You look a lot like my Daddy. The hair, the eyes, those holes in your cheeks..everything you have my Daddy has the same. It's like you and my Daddy are twins."She smiled. She got out of her bed and opened her drawer, perhaps looking for something.


"Mommy showed me a photo of her and my Daddy and they looked so happy. Oh here it is."She said handing me a book and it looked like a photo album. "This picture here was when they had a date in the 'City Of Love' and Mommy said it was the best night of her life. See? You look like my Daddy. Oh and Mommy was thinking to take us to Paris someday and I'm really excited. But I want to meet my Daddy. I don't know what he's like in person. Mommy said I'll see him soon but I wanna see him now."Darce said tears rolling down her cheek and I didn't know I was crying too until a tear dropped onto the picture of Destiny and I at our date in Paris. When she came to the concert without me knowing and that's when I had my very first passionate kiss in the rain and it was with her.


I looked through the whole album and all our pictures we're in it. I looked up at Darce and hugged her tightly. "Shh, go to bed love. Your Mommy, will be upset if she knows you went to bed late."I said and she nodded.


I wiped her tears away and she suddenly fell asleep. I still have one question...Are these my kids?


Destiny's P.O.V


I grabbed my keys and opened the door. I walked in seeing the kitchen light on and the water was running. I placed my bag on the couch and walked into the kitchen. "Hey, Ni. Thanks fo-AAHH! Harry, what the fudgeballs?!"I whisper yelled scared as shit. 


"Why didn't you tell me?"He asked and I looked at him confused. "Sorry, what?"I asked. "Dest, stop acting stupid! Why didn't you tell me about the twins?!"He asked abit louder this time. "I don't know what your talking about."I said, throwing my hands in the air.


"Really? Explain this!"He said holding up the photo album that Sam and Zayn made for me. "You went through my stuff?!"I asked grabbing the photo album out of his hands.


"Why would I go through your stuff? I was putting Darcy to bed and you wanna know what she said? She said that I looked a lot like her father and she went and got that! She cried, wanting to see her father and what was I suppose to do?! Huh?"Harry blurted and I couldn't help but yell back at him.


"Look, I'm sorry I didn-"


"I have a question. Am I really their father?"He asked and I nodded. "I didn't know how to tell you. I didn't want us getting in between you and your career and I thought it was for the best. I know I should've told you earlier and I'm sorry you had to hear it from your own daughter."I cried and I soon felt strong arms around me, calming me down.


"I'm really sorry."I cried. "Shh, it's okay. I understand now."He said rubbing my back soothingly. I pulled away from the hug and looked up seeing those emrald green eyes and soon I felt soft lips onto mine and I didn't hesitate to kiss him back.


He pulled away before it gets heated in here. "So, where does that leave us?"He asked and I shrugged. "I don't know."I said.


"Do you think we should give it another try?"He asked and I nodded and he smiled connecting our lips once again. 


"Mommy?"I turned around seeing Darren rubbing his eyes still half asleep. "C'mon, honey. Let's get you back to bed."I said grabbing him. "I guess I'll head back home."Harry said grabbing his keys.


"Harry, it's late. Just stay over for the night and I might just need help to get the kids ready tomorrow for our flight."I said and he nodded. I grabbed his hand and he followed me upstairs.


I placed Darren back to his bed and kissed him and Darce goodnight. Even though Darce is already asleep.


I turned off their light and headed to my room. "Are you just gonna stand there like a body guard or are you gonna get in bed and sleep?"I asked and he rolled his eyes taking off his shoes and joining me on the bed. 


He pecked my lips and said goodnight to each other and fell asleep.













A/N: That was a long chappie for you guys! Oh and did you guys like the idea of Darcy telling Harry? What will happen next? Any ideas? Also the year is almost over and I'm gettin ready for the end of year exams so I'm a bit busy! Leave comments below and I'll update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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