To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


10. This Is Going To Be A Long Flight!

Destiny's P.O.V


"Honey, c'mon. We're going to miss our flight."Mom said. I finished doing Darcy's hair and put on Darren's shoes and grabbed my carry-on bag. "Come on you two."I said and the twins grabbed my hands and we walked out of the hotel room. It's 4:12 in the morning and we're on our way to the airport.


We came out of the elevator and everyone was in the lobby. Darcy ran to Niall and Darren hugged Jamie, making us laugh. "Is everyone ready?"Paul asked and we all nodded. We were in two separate vans and Mike was driving us and the boys were with Paul in the other van so Darren was with them.


My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID. Kendall. "Hey, bro."I said. "Hey sissy, how's tour?"He asked. "It's fun. We're on our way to the airport going to Australia and probably visit grandma."I said. "That sounds cool. How is everyone doing? Where's Darce and Darren?"He asked. 


"There doing okay, they're in the other van with the boys. How's it going there?"I asked. "Everything is going great. We're still working on a few episodes and Lucy just came in yesterday and she had to get back to work but she'll be off for a whole week and we'll probably do something, oh and the boys miss you and the girls."Kendall said.


"We miss you too, here. Mom wants to talk to you."I said handing the phone to Mom and they started talking. 




We finally arrived at the airport and everyone got out of the vans. Mom handed me my cell phone and we got out luggages out and Mike and Paul came with trolleys. We're taking a private plane to Australia, so it would be just us in there. "Mommy, look. Lux is here."Darren said and I turned around seeing Lux with Darce. 


"Oh hey, Luxxi. Where's Mommy?"I asked and she pointed to Lou sitting walking over to us with Tom. "Hey."She said and we hugged. "Hey, guys."I smiled. "Mommy, where's my stuffed giraffe?"Darce asked. 


"Harry's got it baby."I grinned and she ran over to Harry. "Are you excited?"Lou asked and I nodded. "Yeah. I mean I'm opening for One Direction in Australia. The last time I was there was when I went to visit my grandma and now this time I'm actually performing on stage."I said and Lou and Tom nodded.


"We're excited too. I don't remember the last time I visited Australia."Tom said making us laugh. 



We managed to get into the plane and I was sitting with Darren and Liam. Darren took the seat near the window and Liam was on the edge so that leaves me in the middle. I was about to turn off my phone until I saw a message from Demi.


'Hey girl. How's it going? I'm in Japan now and tell the twins I said hi.' I quickly sent a reply and turned off my phone. "Darren, Aunt Demi said hi."I smiled and he looked up at me.


"Where is she?"He asked. "Well, she's in Japan and we'll see her soon."I said. "Tell, her I said hi, Mommy."Darce said popping her head up from the seat in front of us.


She was sitting with Zayn and Sam. "I will sweetie. When we land in Australia."I said. "Are we gonna see grandma?"She asked and I nodded, she clapped making Liam chuckle.






This is going to be a long might as well take a nap right?














A/N: Sorry I haven't updated! I was too busy with exams and this is the last week of school so that's good news. Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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