To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


5. So It's Not Your Pillow?

Destiny's P.O.V



"Now it's time for our very special guest. She sang her sold out single 'Made in the Usa' and I am honoured to welcome her back here. Destiny Schmidt everybody."Ellen said and I walked out waving to everyone.


I hugged Ellen and sat down. "Hey Destiny, how are you?"She asked. "I'm good. How are you?"I asked. "I'm great, I'm great. Now, am I wrong that remembering your hair was a lot darker than this the last time I saw you."She said.


"Uhm, it was a lot darker than this last week, sooo.."I laughed. "So, you just felt like changing..yeah that's what I'm thinking."She said pointing to the screen with my photo on it with my dark black hair.


"Yes, that was last week or so.Uhm..."I said.


"Like, do you do this often?"She asked. "I do this often. As you've heard my Mom is my hairdresser so she changes the colour of my hair a lot."I said. "Wow. Your mom must like her job."She said and I nodded.


"So often do you change your hair? What colours have you had?" She asked. "Oomph..I've had black, brunette, red, I've been orangey red. I've had pink, blue, like..yeah."I said. "Wow." She said. 


"Okay, so during your very first tour you had to take a break because you were giving birth to your lovely kids, where are they? Are they here?"She asked and I nodded. "They're backstage."I smiled.


"Well bring them out here."Ellen called out to her securities. They went to the back and then my twins made their way on stage.


"Mommy."They both ran to me making the audience 'aaww'. "Hi, what are your names?"Ellen asked. "I'm Darren and this is my little sister Darcy."Darren said gesturing to Darce. The audience awwe'd clapping.


"Wow, aren't you two cute." Ellen said. "So, you guys are fraternal twins do you get along?"Ellen asked. "Yes..sometimes."Darren said whispering something to Darcy's ear and she giggled making us laugh.


"I can watch you two all day."Ellen laughed. "Okay, before you perform for us, they showed me some pictures today, that your photographed all the time in airport holding a pillow. Do you travel with a giant pillow? Every, every picture I see, that they showed me it's you-"


"That was in Barbados, that..I don't know where that's from..uhm I also wear the same jacket apparently."I said pointing to the pictures on the screen and the audience laughed.


"I like to uhm carry-travel with a pillow cause flying is like really tricky when you fly as often as I do, like you never know for instance yesterday or the day before yesterday I got on a flight to DC uhm I was there for twenty four hours, I flew back yesterday and I didn't know for those five hours I was gonna have the lay down seats with the nice-the pillows that they give you if your gonna be stuck in like the ones that don't really go down at all and like that's the only sleep your gonna get for fourty eight hours so I was like, you-I was just thinking like better to be safe than sorry and look like an idiot carrying your own pillow to the airport, it is clean though. It's uh always clean..I always uhm-"


"Mommy, steals a pillow from the hotels."Darcy said cutting me off and everyone laughed. My kids are embarrassing me.


"What was that Darcy?"Ellen asked. "Mommy takes a pillow from the hotel we stay at."She repeated herself and everyone continued laughing. Ellen looked at me. "Uhm I steal-I take a pillow from the hotel that I'm staying at."I said feeling like an idiot.


"Oh, so it's not your pillow."Ellen said. "Well, initially..initially it starts of as my pillow but I leave that one at the rits and they're-they've got money there, they can afford another, I mean.."I said.


"So, then you take a pillow from every hotel you leave?"Ellen asked. "Possibly, I'm not saying confirm or deny this story."I said and my twins were giggling next to me. "I'm just saying."I laughed.


"All right, well if your gonna carry a pillow around now I feel like I'm gonna lose this at the rits or something but I thought maybe you should this around."Ellen said handing me a giant pillow. It had pictures of my other interviews and it had 'I <3 Ellen' printed on it.


"Yeah!"I grinned and everyone clapped. Darcy and Darren were touching it. I handed it to them and they were leaning on it. "Just take the case with you."She said. "All right, what would you do if I travelled through the airport and I was carrying this pillow?"I asked. 


"I will tweet you everyday saying thank you."She said. "Really?"I asked. "Yep."She said. "Cause uh..your talking to a real girl here."I said. "Well I'm a real girl too."She said and everyone laughed.


"Okay."I laughed. "You'll do it and I'll tweet you."She said. "We'll be right back and Destiny will perform after this."She said.


The camera's went off and other people were setting up the stage. 


"Sit down here, guys. Mom's gonna perform."I said kissing their foreheads. They were holding the pillow sitting next to a few girls in the audience.


"Welcome back, Destiny's new Album called 'Destiny' is in stores now. She is going to perform her number one hit 'Heart Attack' please welcome, Destiny Schmidt."Ellen said.



























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