To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


6. Overboard!


Destiny's P.O.V



"How many songs are you singing tonight?"Mom asked. "I'll probably sing five to get the fans pumping."I said and Jamie was doing my make-up. Sam already picked out my outfit and it's nothing big it's just a black dress and some knee high boots.


One Direction are in their own dressing rooms getting ready. BTR is in Hollywood shooting their new episode and then they'll be in London shooting the Movie. "Where are my kids?"I asked putting on my earrings.


"Their with the boys next door."Sam said and I nodded. There was a knock on the door and Jamie went to open it. I checked the time and it was show time but where is Justin? "Mommy!"Darren called out and I turned around seeing Justin with the kids.

I smiled and went to hug him. "Hey. I was gonna freak out, you know."I said and he laughed. "I was just with boys and then I went with the kids to get something from the vending machine outside."He said and I nodded.


"Ready?"He asked and I nodded. "Bye, Mommy!"My kids said in unison waving. I waved and blew them a kiss before walking out the door. "You guys are on."John said handing us ear-peace and we putting them on and grabbed our microphones.


The music started playing and I walked out first.

"Woooah...Hello everybody, how is everyone doing tonight?"I asked and the screams  got louder. 


When Justin walked out everyone screamed making me laugh. Justin pulled me in and the screaming gets louder and louder everytime. I grabbed his hat and put it on. "It's too muuucch..."I sang. "Give it up for Justin Bieber, everybody!"I said through the microphone. We hugged again and he ran back stage.


I started singing my other song 'Stick With You'




Harry's P.O.V



When Justin pulled her towards him I felt a bit jealous. I don't know why but it just bothers me to see them together or to even see her with some other guy. We're not together but I might still have a thing for her.


"Hey, Harry."Darren said running up to me. "Hey. What are you eating?"I asked checking his mouth. "Skittles."He laughed. Those are Destiny's favourite sweets. I know these are her kids but I wonder where's their father.


I mean, ever since I saw Destiny, I didn't see her with a guy or anything. Maybe he's busy or something? Justin came back stage and waved. "Nice, performance."I smiled. "Thanks."He said drinking his water.
















A/N: Sorry for the short chapter but I got band practice so I have to go! I'll update soon! Just leave comments below! Stay Beautiful :) x 



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