To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


18. More Like Friends With Benefits...

Destiny's P.O.V




Mom helped me carry the kids to the plane. They fell asleep since they were so tired from our little adventure. I was holding Darce while she slept on my shoulder.


Sandy walked down the stairs and grabbed Darren out of Mom's hands and he pulled me in trying not to trip over my heels. 


I walked and sat all the way at the back with Mom, Darce still asleep in my arms while Sam and Zayn were sitting with Darren. Harry walked in sitting next to Tom which was four seats away from us.


"Hey, are you okay?"Mom asked and I nodded. "Honey, don't lie to me. I know there's something wrong. Just tell me. Please?"She pleaded and I sighed. "Well, first of all this is about.."I whispered gesturing to Harry and Mom nodded slowly.


"What happened?"She asked. "Well after I finished performing I walked backstage and the boys ran on stage leaving Harry the last and I went to hug him but he kissed me and then left."I whispered so no one would hear me.


"Just like that?"She asked shocked and I nodded. "He just kissed me out of the blue and ran on stage leaving me there like an idiot."I said. "Well, then what happened?"She asked. "Well, to be honest. I felt like I loved him again. I felt like I wanted to be with him again but then when I went to his room he...he was in the bathroom having sex with Iggy Azalea."I said nearly remembering the view.


"Oh honey, I'm sorry."Mom said her hand around my shoulder kissing my forehead. "Now that explains why she was at dinner that night. I thought it was just his friend."Mom said and I laughed dryly.


"Yeah. More like friends with benefits."I said. "Don't say that honey. I'm sure he has an explanation for that."Mom said and I didn't answer. 















A/N: Sorry for the short chappie but I will update soon and I'm not sure if it's going to be long! Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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