To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


7. I Need To Work On A Few Songs!

Destiny's P.O.V


I moved up my hand to see if Darren and Darce we're still asleep but there was no one next to me. My eyes widened and I got up scanning the room. No one was in sight. I got out of my bunk and made my way to the kitchen.No one. 


"Darcy! Darren! Where are you guys?!"I yelled through the bus and still no sound. Where could they be? What if they ran outside?Oh shit.


I made my way through the mini hallway and saw Zayn sleeping on the couch.


I didn't feel the bus moving so we must've stopped ages ago. I opened the curtain a bit and it was day time. I heard my cell phone ringing from my bunk. I ran to it and answered. "Hello?"I asked. It was a private number.


"Good Morning, love. How did you sleep?"The male voice said. What the heck? "Harry? How did you get my number?"I asked. "Well never mind about that. Did you see your kids this morning?"He asked. "Hi, Mommy."I heard Darcy say in the background.


"Oh thank god. You got them. I was gonna go nuts. How did you manage to take them with you? They were sleeping."I said. "I heard them giggling from your bunk, so I came and took them cause you were sleeping. Everyone has gone out to get something to eat but Zayn is still sleeping though oh and were in Burger King. We'll come with breakfast."He said. "Okay, bye."I turned off my phone and went to the bathroom.




"Mommy, Mommy, look what we got."The twins said running towards me. Darcy was holding a stuffed giraffee and Darren was holding a stuffed puppy. "Wow, who bought you that?"I asked.


"Uncle Harry!"They both said pointing to a grinning Harry walking into the bus holding a packet of food. "Breakfast?"He asked and I nodded. We made our way to the kitchen and Darren went to wake up Zayn.


"So where are the rest gone?"I asked eating my muffin. "They said they're going to get something to eat but I think their shopping."He laughed and I nodded. I don't know what Harry and I are. Maybe friends? I don't know.


We just talk to each other but it's still a bit awkward though. I don't blame him. Soon a sleepy Zayn walked in holding Darren's hand. "Morning, what time did you guys wake up?"He asked sitting down on the table.


"I just got up. I thought it was just me but then I saw you sleeping in the front."I said and he nodded. "Where are the rest gone?"He asked. "I have a feeling their shopping cause you don't take long just to get something to eat. Unless they got Niall with them."Harry said and we nodded.


We quickly ate and my phone rang. "Baby, can you get it out of my pocket, please?"I asked Darcy and she answered it. "Hello, Mommy's phone."She said and we laughed at her cuteness. I could see Harry staring at her in awe.


I wonder what he'll do if I told him. I think I know for sure he'll be mad with me.


"Mommy, it's for you."Darce said and I grabbed it. "Hello?"I asked. "How's tour going?"Ed asked. "Awesome. Did you see the performance last night?"I asked. "Yeah, that was incredible. I told you, you could do it. Is Justin on his way to Canada?"He asked.


"Yeah, he left after dinner last night. He was amazing last night."I said. "That's good. I just called to let you know that you have a signing tomorrow with One Direction."He said. "Yeah, okay."I said. 


"Okay, any questions?"He asked. "Nope, bye."I turned off my phone and placed it on the table. I heard the phone ring and I looked at my phone and it wasn't mine. "Is that yours?"I asked Zayn and he shook his head.


We both looked at Harry. "Oh, right."He got his phone out and answered it. "Yep."He said. "Mhm. Yeah, okay. I'll let them know. Yeah. Bye."He turned off his phone and looked at us.


"We have a signing tomorrow."He said and I nodded. "So, what are we going to do> We can't just sit around in the tour bus all day."Zayn said. "How about we hit the movies?"Harry asked. 


"You guys can go. I'll just stay in here. I need to work on my new songs."I said and they nodded. "Guys coming?"Zayn asked the twins. "Yep."Darren said getting off his seat and now standing with Zayn.


"What about you Darce?"Harry asked and she shook her head. "I wanna stay with Mommy."She said and Harry nodded. I kissed her forehead and the boys made their way out. "We'll be back soon."Harry said and I nodded. 


I just need to rewrite a few songs...













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