To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


27. I Miss Daddy!

Destiny's P.O.V


"C'mon Dest. I thought you were going to play."Kev called out. "Wait! Hold up, I'm nearly done writing a new song."I called back. I was on to writing the bridge and my mind is blocked. I'm swinging back and forth trying to get something but it's not working.


I never take so long to write a song but this is the first. I don't get it. Soon, someone snatched my book out of my hands and I groaned. "Nick I don't have time to play around. I need to finish that bridge before we go to the studio."

"Okay, I'm gonna help you on this."He said handing me my book back. "Now, read me the chorus or sing it."He said. "You push me too hard. It's more than I can take. I'm fragile I can break like flowers. Don't tear us apart. It took so long to grow. Don't let the petals fall, like flowers."I read.


"Okay, I got something. So you're basically referring yourself as a flower. So you're saying that when your heart gets broken, it'll fall like flower petals but do you think flowers feel pain or have any emotions?"He asked and then I thought about it, he was right. Flowers can't feel the pain that us humans do.


"Oh my gosh, Nick you're a genius."I said and started writing. "Done."I said and closed my book. "Does that mean your joining us now?"He asked and I nodded and we ran towards the basketball court where the rest were.




"And in! Woohoo! I told you I'm not bad at basketball."I said and they rolled their eyes. I turned around to look for Darce but I spotted her standing on a bridge watching the ducks in the pond.


"Guys, I'll be back."I said and made my way over to her. 


"Hey sweetie. What's up with the big frown?"I asked standing next to her. "Mommy? Do ducks ever feel sad?"Darce asked and I looked at her but she looked serious. "Well, Mommy's not really sure about that but their animals and they're all living things so yes. I think they do feel sad sometimes, just like us. Now, would you like to tell Mommy what's really wrong?"I asked and she sighed.


"Mommy, I miss Daddy."She said. "Oh honey, why didn't you tell me. Would you like to all him?"I asked and her eyes lit up. "There's that cute smile." I laughed and dialled Harry's number and handed her the phone.


"Hey, Daddy."She said through the phone. They continued talking for a whole 15 minutes. "Mommy, Daddy wants to talk to you."Darce said, handing me the phone. "Hey."I said. "Hey, babe. How's it going there?"He asked. "Well, we arrived a few hours ago and we're at the park and Darce wanted to call cause she missed you and Demi called and said you guys are performing this week on X-Factor."I said.


"Oh yeah, Simon called us and he managed to fit us in to perform live this week and we're excited. So that means we'll be there in a few days."He said and I smiled. "How about tomorrow?"I asked. "Or I can fly there earlier."He said and I laughed. "Well, I'm performing after you guys."I said.


"That's great news. You'll be great. Where's Darren?"He asked. "He's playing with the guys at the basketball court and we're gonna be heading home soon."I said. "Well sounds like he's having a lot of fun there. Okay, babe. I'll call you tonight and I'll see if I can get an early flight there."He said and I nodded. 


"Yeah, okay. Darce, say bye to Daddy."I said, putting the phone towards her ear. "Bye, Daddy."She said. "Okay, Love you too. Bye."I said and turned off the phone. "C'mon baby. Time to go home."I said.


She grabbed my hand and we headed back to where the guys were. 













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