To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞



Destiny's P.O.V



"Mommy? Mommy, we landed."I felt someone shaking. "MOMMY, THERE'S A SNAKE ON YOUR LAP."I heard Darce scream and my eyes popped open. "AAAHHHH! GET IT OFF ME! WHERE IS IT?! GET IT OFF ME!"I yelled jumping up and down shaking. I was scared as fuck. "Dest. DEST!"Harry yelled holding onto my face. I looked at him still shaking. "There is no snake."He said calmly. "B-b-but t-theres-"I stuttered, pointing to my chair and Harry shook his head. 


"There's nothing. Darcy was just playing with you cause you didn't wake up."He said my heartbeat slowed down a bit. "So, there's no snake?"I asked and he nodded. I sighed sitting back down on the chair and saw a grinning Darce sitting in front of me.


"Darce, don't do that ever again. You hear me?"I asked and she nodded quickly. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't mean to scare you."She said adorably and I smiled. "Good girl."I said grabbing her. Louis was holding Darren and Harry was carrying my carry-on bag while we all we made our way out of the plane and meeting the hot air of Australia. 


"Mommy, it's hot."Darren said, trying to fan himself. "Lou, can you remove his jacket please."I said and he nodded unzipping Darren's jacket. We made our way into the airport and went through some security checks and walked over to the baggage claim and got our luggages.




Darce, Darren, Mom, Mike and I were in Sydney mall. We have been shopping for god knows how long and I decided to get us something to eat cause the Darren was hungry. I made my way to the Mc Donald's counter and ordered.


The boys decided to have a rest cause tomorrow we have a concert right here in Sydney. My order was finally ready and I grabbed them walking out of Mc Donald's and back to the table where the rest were. We were sitting in the middle of the mall eating Mc Donalds.


"Yay, Mommy's got food."Darren cheered making me laugh. I handed everyone their food and I sat down too enjoying my burger. I looked over to Darce and she was just playing with her stuffed giraffe that Harry got her.


"Babe, eat your burger."I said and she shook her head. "Why not?"I asked. "I'm not hungry, Mommy."She said and I nodded. "So, how many weeks are we staying here for?"Mom asked. "Probably two or three not sure. But we have a concert tomorrow though and then probably another concert in Melbourne and other places and then we head off to New Zealand then."I said and she nodded.


"I'll go get some ice-cream sundaes." I said getting up and throwing my rubbish in the trash. "Can I come, Mommy?"Darce asked. "Sure, babe."I said grabbing her hand. We made our to Mc Donalds and as soon as I turned back around I bumped onto someone.


"I'm so sorry."I said looking up to see Spencer?




"Destiny?" We both asked at the same time, and then we laughed. "Uncle Spence. What are you doing here?"Darce asked hugging Spencer. "I'm just here with Maia and Ross. We're doing this Fanfest thing and basically travelling around Australia and see what it's like."He said and then I noticed Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch behind Spencer.


"Hey guys."I smiled and they waved. I watched Teen Beach Movie and it was fun. Darren would always try and dance like Ross which is pretty funny. "So, what are you guys doing here?"Spence asked. 


"I'm opening for One Direction and the concert is tomorrow and then we'll go visit grandma after the concert and then we're on our way to New Zealand."I said and he nodded. "That sounds fun, oh and guess what?"He asked. "What?"I asked. "I was holding a snake today."He said I just shivered at the mention of snakes.


"Don't do that. Snakes are cool."He said and I shook my head in disgust and I heard Darce giggling next to me. Spencer bent down next to her and she whispered something in his ear, which made him laugh.


Oh no. "Darce!"I said looking at her and acted all innocent. I shook my head and mentally face-palm.


"Well, we gotta get going. Nice meeting you guys and tell the rest I said hi."He said and I nodded hugging him. He hugged Darcy too and waved. "Bye guys."Maia and Ross and we waved back making our way in Mc Donald's and getting what we came for.
















A/N: I'm sorry I haven't updated! But no worries! Term three just ended and I have two week holiday so I'll try and update ASAP! Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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