To Infinity and Beyond-Sequel To Born To Be Somebody-

Destiny has gone through so much and she doesn't know what is in stored for her. Will there be more drama...enemies...fights...break-ups...but most importantly...a happy ending?

∞To Infinity and Beyond∞


26. Back In LA!

Destiny's P.O.V



"Destiny! Pssht! Dest, over here!"I heard someone shouting and I turned around and spotted the three idiotic boys all dressed up like phony balony's. Well, Nick was just wearing sunglasses like a normal person would, but the other two were wearing weird outfits and big frizzy wigs. I get that they're trying to cover up from the fans but not too dressy.


Darren quickly let go off my hand and ran towards the boys and Darce got down and ran as well. I hope the fans won't notice them, because even though the other two are trying their best to cover up but Darce and Darren still noticed them. Anyways, they'll notice. Who the heck would dress like that in an airport?


I pushed our trolley and hugged all of them. "Hey, welcome back."Nick smiled and I hugged him again. "Yeah, we missed you guys. Well especially our young brother here."Joe said patting Nick's shoulder and I lift up my eyebrows at him and he punched Joe's shoulder making us laugh.


Nick grabbed Darcy and Joe pushed the trolley while we walked out off the airport holding Darren. "So, how's everything going here?"I asked as soon as we got in the car. "Well, we've been busy lately, We just finished shooting our pom pom music video and I wasn't feeling good at all which is why we took ages to film the music video but I'm better now."Kevin said and I nodded. Poor Kev.


"Yeah and Demi's on X-Factor and we're recording soon and Kevin and Danny are moving to Texas, in our home town and we're gonna miss them."Nick said and Kevin laughed. "What? Why are you laughing? I'm serious."Nick exclaimed and I chuckled.


"Well, I'm gonna miss you and Danny. Are you guys ever going to visit again?"I asked. The boys and I have been close for the past three years and their like my other family.


"Well, that's something we'll definitely do but it'll probably be a bit hard because it's a bit far from here though."Kev said and I nodded. This is their last album and then Nick and Joe are going solo cause Kevin is focusing on raising a good family with nothing in between them.


We finally arrived at their house and the boys helped carrying our bags inside the house while I carried a sleeping Darcy her head on my shoulder. I grabbed my carry-on bag and entered the house been greeted by Kevin. "Welcome back, sweetie."He smiled hugging me from my other side.


"Good to see you again."I smiled. "Joe will show you your room."He said and I nodded. Joe lead me upstairs to a big massive room and there was a balcony outside. "Wow, this is huge."I said, after putting Darcy to bed. Although it's morning she fell asleep. Must be tired.


"Yeah. Come on, let's go have breakfast. Mom left early to work so she made breakfast a little too early."He said and I laughed. We got back downstairs and our suitcases we're already inside the house. That was fast.


"Hey, Demi's on the phone."Nick said handing me the phone. "Hey."I said. "Hey, so Dad told me the news and it sounds awesome."She said. "Yeah, it's going to be great and I can't wait to start. How's X-Factor going?"I asked, grabbing Nick's apple and ate it.


"Hey!"He groaned and grabbed a bowl of grapes from the fridge. "Well, it's going great. I'm mentoring the girls and Simon just gives me a pain the ass but other than that it's fun and I miss you guys. Where are the twins?"She asked.


"Well that sounds awesome. Darcy's asleep, she's probably tired from the plane ride and Darren is playing with Joe outside."I said. "So, how long are you going to be in LA for?"She asked. "Long enough."I said. "Well, I just told Dad that you should perform a song on X-Factor and he said it was a good idea and also Simon got One Direction to perform this week and you'll be performing the following week."She said and my mouth fell open.


"Oh my life. You did not. Oh my gosh. Demetria Dawn Lovato I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you."I said through the phone and Nick looked at me raising his eyebrows.


"Well, Destiny Hope Schmidt-Styles you are very welcome."She laughed and then my eyes widened. "Wait, what? How'd you-"


"Niall Horan of course."She said and I laughed. "Well we are back together and not married so I still go by my last name."I said and she laughed. "Whatever. Anywho, I gotta go meet the girls and practice."She said.


"Yeah, okay. I'll see you next week then. Bye."I said and turned off the phone. "You can't believe what just happened. Demi got-"


"She got her Dad to let you perform on X-Factor next week."Nick said cutting me off. "Yeah, how'd you know?"I asked. "A little birdy told me."He joked and I playfully punched him repeatedly.


"Hey, I was thinking we should hit the park and shoot some hoops."Joe said, Darren riding on his back. "Yeah, that sounds fun, you up for it?"Nick asked. "I would love to join you guys but Darce is asleep and-"


"Not anymore."Joe said, and I turned around seeing Kev and Darce walking down the stairs. "Okay then, park it is."I said and they all cheered. I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs and grabbed Darcy's jacket and my song book and headed out the door.













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