Memories will recall

memories will recall, i knew that it will, especially with niall, some how he will remember me,my face, my name, someday that drug will not effect anymore, and what he did to me, made me stronger and weaker at the same time,

read and find out...


4. strong outside but not inside



I SLEPT GOOD, and now i'm packing my clothes to go to EL's flat, i said goodbye to my dad's and went to my car,a black range rover, well i actually have two babies, my rover, and a black motorcycle,


i went to EL's and got out a key to her flat, and as i close the door, i already hear moans, damn seriously early this morning, hey it's their sex life not mine, good thing i've got earplugs, better to be ready, i put them on, and start cooking .I prepared crispy bacon,omelete, and toasted bread

i'm humming girlfriend by icona pop, well humming and quiet singing

"all i need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend" i singed in a quiet tone, then i see a shadow holding a rolling pin, behind me,

as i turned i could see Louis holding a rolling pin ready to hit me,, and his wearing a boxer and EL is wearing her undergarments


i laughed at them, and asked  "bacon anyone?" and placed the food at the table

they let out a small sigh and 

"i thought you were some kind of a bad guy" EL said "how did you come in?"

"i have a key" i showed her the key that i duplicated, when i stole her key, and grinned

"how did you? what did you, what?"

"i stole your key, and duplicated it," then said "you forgot it,remember, and if you thought i was a bad guy, why did you go down, wearing your undergarments, what if you two got raped huh, whatcha gonna do?, and seriously a rolling pin? you should use a frying pan" i lectured and they looked down at what they are wearing, and hurriedly they went upstairs to change, i put my earplugs on my pocket.

They went down and i smiled at them, we ate our food. I finished my food and i was smirking at them.


"Soooo, had fun "making pancakes" upsatirs?" i asked them

EL blushed , and Louis just smirked "yes it was fun and VERY yummy" Louis said ,and winked at EL i laughed at them and did the dishes


we sat down at the L shaped couch, they were staring at me like i killed a person, "Soo tell us sweetie" EL started. i looked at them took a deep breath and started to tell them a tale of a girl  who looks strong on the outside but not inside.



"OKAY..... Well El you know i had a boyfriend/fiance , he or i shall name him Niall , he is the reason why I went home ...." i started "wait Niall, as in Niall Horan?" Louis asked i looked at him in horror and nodded " we dated for 4 years now, then one night  he proposed, i said yes ofcoarse .What we had was pure innocent love, i was so special it was magical, everything you can think of, we were two people just simply in love, then one night we just lost it, i did everything to bring back the love we had, but i don't know, we lost it. Should i say HE lost it..." i said every last word with venom, i remembered the times. But that is the only things that i will say to them, that wasn't all.He did something that i will never ever forgive him.  The memory is still fresh my wound are still open and fresh, i may have the bad girl persona but that doesn't mean i don't get hurt.


i didn't realize that i started crying, when i felt two pairs of arms wrap around me, i smile at them then remembered 

"Louis how did you know Niall?" i asked

"his in our gang Bea, i don't know what happened to him i just know that he was about to get married but something went wrong. He's a close friend of mine" i started shaking and became scared

"Pl....ease d..ont tell him i...m here please dont... " i stuttered

"of coarse i will not Bea, if he has hurt your feelings i will protect you" 

El went to get me water then when she was out of sight Louis faced me " i know that's not all that he has done Bea , Niall's  very hot headed, i know he has hurt you, not just your emotions but also your physical, " he whispered to me 

i stared at him in shock, but nodded my head "don't worry we're here to protect you, and i wont tell EL, you can tell us the whole story when your ready" he patted my head and kissed my forehead " You know Louis your a softie in know inside of your bad boy persona" i smiled and EL went back in, and i chigged my water down "HEY , EL your boy here is a keeper"




we went out to a diner, cause we are too lazy to cook

we ordered 3 cheese burgers, 3 large fries, and extra gravy don't judge i dip my fries with gravy, I ordered chocolate milk shake,EL ordered strawberry mill shake and ,Louis ordered vanilla milkshake, We chatted about how they met, how we , became best of friends ,


our order came and we dive in, ohhh cheese burgers you make me feel so alive. 


The bell to the diner rang and all heads went to that direction, my eyes was WIDE from shock, they were finding someone, i looked back at my food and but the hood of my hoodie on my head to cover my head.

Then two shadows went to our table acknowledging ,Louis, damn damn damn, of coarse  they will go to our table they were part of his god damn gang, ugh, 

"hey Zayn, Harry"

i saw them in a party ones but i was shy so Niall didn't  push me to approach them, i have a great memory in faces,  cause i;m awesome,

Louis introduced EL then me "and this is uh... Jas..... uhhh Be...a" he looked at me and i nodded "yeah, this is Bea" they looked at me but that didn't make any eye contact

 "umm Louis, well there is an urgent meeting maybe next week, our pal Niall is going wild his chick Jasmine, drugged him and then left, his been drinking and, been on the bad side of our fellow...." Zayn looked at us and looked back at Louis "don;t worry they know"

"ohh, well our fellow gang and has some trouble's man, his sooo, depressed " "you need to calm him down"

"alright mate, see you " Louis nodded at the two boys and sighed at the news


i just looked straight and thought if what they were saying is true.... 


a few questions have been swimming in my head

how did they find louis?

the drug didnt work?

what the hell happened? 





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