Memories will recall

memories will recall, i knew that it will, especially with niall, some how he will remember me,my face, my name, someday that drug will not effect anymore, and what he did to me, made me stronger and weaker at the same time,

read and find out...


3. party gone wrong




i've been staying at my dad's , and i'm dying to meet EL already so we decided to go to a party , at our old friend's house, the party was at 9 pm and it's 7 pm, EL will be here at 8:00 cause we will be gossiping for a while then we'll leave at 8:30, it's my habit to estimate my time, 


i went to the bathroom, to take a short bath, i stripped out of my clothes , and let the hot water run through my back,  i dried my hair, choose a dress to wear i ended up picking up a black dress, not to high not to short



i put my red hair at my left side and curled it, as i was about to put on my make up, a girl just barged into my room, and covered my eyes


"give me all the details and you'll not die" EL said in her boy voice

"okay, okay, i will tell you, just don't kill me" and we both laughed, i looked at her and noded my head

she was also wearing a black dress


"awww you look so pretty" i said and hugged her,

good thing i'm still not wearing make up, or else it will be smudged, cause we started crying, 

"aww honey don't cry" her tone was like a tone of apology, for what have happened, and a tone of happiness , EL was a little older than me, she is like my sister, mother, cousin, every girl relative that you can think of, and a friend..

i looked at her for 10 seconds then i remembered that she has a boyfriend, so i started grinning at her. and she just laughed at me

"ohhhhhh , you have a boyfriend, so who's the guy, spill the beans sistah" i said all giddy

"wow, that changed fast" and we both sat down "so yeah i have one and he is going to the party with us, and ohh, my gosh he's in the car," i signaled her to call him up, and she did, well she didn't have to spill any beans, cause she told me everything already

i know that his in a gang, i think that's so sweet of him to tell her that, they have trust, she told me that he was funny, fun, strict, every emotion there is, 

i laughed at the memory, cause i told her that , every person has every emotion's

i was debating in my mind when i didn't realize that i was just staring at them, i turned my attention to them, and put on my strict sister face


i faced him and stretched my hand so he could shake it, "Louis, Louis Tomlinson, isn't it?" i asked at walked around him he nodded in response as i walked i can see his so, tense, we tend to do that when we bring boys around, i faced him, and he look's cute wearing skinny jeans and black shirt has tattooes, and a gang symbol, 


"so what's your gang?" i asked now on my friendly face

"hmm, what , i'm not in a..."

"yeah right, of coarse you are, you have a tattoo right there "as i pointed it  , it is three arrows facing north, and blue ink around it, 

"c;mon, don't worry, i used to be in a gang also see, i showed him my symbol it is two triangles the other one face right the other facing left, and has a red outer color, mine is placed at the left side of my neck

"your a kid of stephen aren't you?" Stephen good guy, i've dated once, and then left him

"yeah, why do you know him?" he asked intrested, and sat at my bed next to EL, aww their so cute

"used to date him, then the next date i teased him that i would have sex with him, then didn't go at the motel, soo yeah"

"ahh your ummm, jasmine?" he asked well he did tell, maybe i'm the first  to leave him


"wait jasmine?, why jasmine?" EL asked

"if i tell you this please don't tell any one  Louis," i faced him gave him a deadly glare, and he nodded

"EL cause my full name is Beatrice Jasmine, that's why people call me Bea, Yatrice, or Jasmine"

i explained, and EL thought for a second, then, she has that, ohh yeah why did i even ask face

i put on a red lipstick, then asked them, let's go?, they got up, and nodded


the drive was only for 15 minutes


we parked a block away, and the house was full of drunk people, the music was loud, and of coarse there is some one making out


ohh, parties i like it and despise it, as we step inside we were greeted by people, saying oh is this bea the nerd? or who's that girl? or just a simple hi


i joined the two lover birds, to the VIP area , and Bryant was there, when we were in highschool, Bryant was one of my bestfriend, but when i didn't come to school, he changed alot, EL said to me, he became arrogant,

and now he looks nice, and decent, i hope so, 

and now, yup, he changed, yup asshole, and a big one, 


EL introduced Louis to Bryant, and they stared at each other

Bryant hugged me, and asked if i have a boyfriend, ugh can't i have one day with out any one asking that, and i said" well not for now, i'm on a break" and he just laughed, we got our drinks, i had a shot of vodka, EL had a shot of whiskey, and Louis had a shot of "the best one youv'e got made" i don't really know what it is but i guaranty it  a strong one,


the two, danced a the dance floor, and now their making out, hmm, well, i must turn away now, 

a guy a proched me, and asked what's me name

"Jasmine" i replied ugh a boy, give me a break

"hmm, Jasmine a pretty girl like you shouldn't be alone, my name is TOM" and he came closer

i stared shaking, maybe it's because i'm nervous, like something bad is going to happen,

"look if you want my beauty tips you could just ask, person" i said ,maybe if i annoy him he'll go away

he turned my chair so i was facing him, and before he could do something, i jumped out of the chair, and ran ,i was heading through the garden's

i went to a small shed, maybe that guy was drunk, and he was here to rape me, i prayed to God that nothing will happen to me


i dialed EL's number, and she answered it, 

"EL help me, i..i ne..ed your help, i...m in a smal...l shed, at the back yard" i was so scared

before she could answer the door was open, and Tom was there, looking at me, at i was scared

he grinned, and he was staring at me, up and down, he closed the door, and my phone was still on call, El could still hear me

"don't be scared Jasmine, do what i say and you'll be safe" he closed the door

closed my eyes, and memories started to replay

"nooo, don't , don't come near me, " i shouted, he came close to me, and started kissing my neck, down to my breast, i was now shaking and here he is, enjoying it and having a boner 

as he was about to strip my dress off, the door flung open, and Louis punched Tom, EL raised to me, and hushed me down, "shhh, don't worry your safe now, he will not find you any more" 


Tom got beat up, and left, Louis walked to us, and they helped me stand up, Louis carried me,

i feel safe his like my brother, and EL is like my sister, they are my sibling who are dating, something like that, i thanked Louis and he said no prob, and smiled, 

we got to the car, and i sat at the back, i said "i'll explain everything" and they nodded

we went home, but got ice cream's first


we said good bye, and El asked if I was going to stay at her house, i said maybe tomorrow , said my goodbyes, and shouted 

"HEY NO SEX AT THE DINING TABLE, PEOPLE EAT THERE" and they laughed in response

i got to bed and closed my eyes, but did not sleep, just imaging  the events today




............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AUTHOR'S NOTE ////'''''''''''''';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]]''''''''''''/////////////////





















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