Memories will recall

memories will recall, i knew that it will, especially with niall, some how he will remember me,my face, my name, someday that drug will not effect anymore, and what he did to me, made me stronger and weaker at the same time,

read and find out...


2. little ol' me


 i went straight to my dad's gym , i am a red head, now i'm playing royals, by lorde

i'm still carrying my bag of clothes, well i figured out that i will  first stay at our old house, and help here and there, and i came to visit, and to forget, 


i stepped inside, and wow, alot has changed more organized, they did a good job, i'm wearing a blue denim shorts and a floral crop top, i walked straight up to the entrance of the boxing ring

when some one stopped me, hmm, must be a new one

"miss you can't go in there, your to ......... pretty" he said his yes wondering my body

"yow, kiddo, my eyes are here, and yes i can go here, i'm here to see my dad's"

'well i don't care , where your dad's are, just get out of here" he said emphasizing the word "dad's"  "and i'm not  new here, i've been working here for 3 months now"

"well that's why" i said under my breath

then some one slapped my arse "hey miss, i think your lost, a sexy girl like you can't be here" and slapped my arse again

i faced him, and was about to punch him hard in the face when 4 guys said "YATRICE STOP!"

i wasn't able to stop and my punch hit him hard in the face, and he stumbled down, well that is a good punch for years of training

the 4 guys went to me, and helped the man, who just looked at me, now everyone is looking

"what?" i asked

"we told you to stop" Micheal said in his deep voice, he is a friend of ours

"sorry, my hand accidentally touched his face, and it isn't able to stop" i said all innocent

they forced me to say sorry, and i did, then we went to their office which is upstairs


i closed the door, then put my bags down




"sooooo, no hug?" i asked, they looked at each other, and laughed


"so, we missed you kiddo, how old are you?" Steve asked

i put on a hurt expression, "your own child you don't know how old i am?"

"are you like 7? or something" Nicolas asked i shake my head a no

"well i thought you were 7 there, i remembered when you punched that kid at the park, and you were like sorry mister, it was just an accident, but it really isn't,....... good times" John said 

we all looked at the ceiling remembering the past, and we all grinned, i sat down at my old corner, which is right side from the door, and it still have all my stuff, ahh home sweet home

"so who is that guy down there, the newbie?" i asked

"hmm, ohh him, his glen, new, yup and they don't know about you yet" Micheal answered

"well didn't they noticed this spot?" i said gesturing my spot

"well they know about you but they don't know your face yet" 

i started to get comfy when they all stood up, and asked if i want to join them, i said yes and asked if my locker is still there


i changed to boxing shorts and a tanktop, when i practice i always put music on, and brave started playing

i started punching and dancing and singing, and people are staring

as i punch through the rhythm,my punches get harder and harder, after how many songs, and punches, and loads of people staring


there was this little girl who is staring at me, and copying my moves, i got out of the ring and asked her what's her name and she said in her cute little voice nicole, i asked her if she wants to try it with music? and she nodded, i helped her go to the ring.

and girlfriend played by icona pop

i taught her, simple boxing moves then it became a dance off, i lended her my old clothes, and she said thank you,


i was lying down at the center of the ring, then exit wounds started playing, and i started singing, i texted EL and changed, the gym was open 24 hours, i din't know why but it just is. i went to the office and Steve and John are there, i said hi and went to my spot and drifted to sleep, i felt them kiss me forehead and said their goodbye's and sleepwell's and put a blanket on me



AUTHOR'S NOTE..........................////////////////,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;'''''''''''''''''''''''''--------------============


                                                    SO  SHOULD I CONTINUE?



                                                                           IS IT ANY GOOD?



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