Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


7. Why would i hate you?

Rhianna p.o.v- I checked my phone and saw niall was following someone new on twitter and to my surprise it was Ellie. At last she got twitter again. She had it once when we were in year 7 but she got so much hate and got bullied on there so she wouldn't go on any social network site. She's one tough brave girl. I was with Rosie and mash sitting facing the river Thames. Josh asked for my phone number a few minutes ago. I mean JOSH DID!! I'm kinda freaking out here. Anyway me and him have been texting for ages and he asked if I wanna meet him. I screamed a little and the others stared at me "what??" I said staring back at them "stop fan girling " they said in sync. I smiled away like an idiot and relied to josh "sure when?x" and a few minutes later the girls went off to get some food so I walked to the railings that separated me from the river. I lent forward to look down then I stared down the river and I was able to make out the London eye with all its lights. I couldn't see much as it was starting to get dark. "How about now?" I jumped to see josh behind me smiling away. "Hi josh" I said looking up into his eyes. "Hi rhianna" he said opening his arms for me to run into. We stayed like this for a minute then we broke apart laughing before walking along side the river together. I quickly texted Rosie telling her I would meet them back at the hotel later. I started to find loads out about josh which I didn't already know. He took me right under Big Ben and asked about me so I told him everything. We started to walk back to my hotel room and when we arrived he took my right up to outside my room. I stood by the door and stood opposite josh looking at my feet. "Rhianna?" He said. I looked up saying "yes?" He was staring into my eyes. "Please don't hate me but.." And he pressured his lips onto mine quickly before smiling at me and walking down the corridor. Woahh that was amazing. I didn't want him to go. I know I have only just got to know him well, the other way round as I know everything about him but I wouldn't have a boyfriend I have always waited for josh. I meet him when I was bout 13 at a party and my heart has been with him ever since. Josh was about to step into the elevator. "Josh wait!" I shouted before running down the corridor to him. I started to slow down before standing right in front of him. "Why would I hate you?" I asked. "Because we haven't got to know each other too well" I laughed shaking my head " I don't care" I smiled before stepping into his arms and pressuring my lips onto his. I felt his smile before breaking apart after 5 mins. " so we are now in a relationship?" asked. I smiled before nodding. " if you wanna be" he laughed at me "what sort of a question is that cause I do" I smiled before pressuring my lips back onto his. I love him so much

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