Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


5. the truth behind my story...

Niall relised something was on my mind I saw the way he looked in my eye. I need to cry, just let it all out. I lost them... When we reached the top floor at long last I followed niall as he has the room key. He opened the door and walked over to his fridge to get food and I threw my bag onto my side of the bed and walked out, upstairs and sat by the pool staring out the window. I was sitting crossed legged resting my hands in my head. I looked up to the night sky. "I can't do it with out you" I whispered to myself. "without who baby girl?" I heard an Irish voice. I turned round to see niall on the other side of the pool. I stood up with my toes touching and my heels facing outwards. "niall I need to tell you my life, you will understand then" he nodded and walked round the pool to take me into his arms and he sat on the floor holding me in his arms. So I told him all about the bullying at school, how I cut a few times and how Emily was the only person who believed in me, I told him how everyone hated me and how they judged me over the years and how my sister lost control of a car and drove off a bridge and died and how my mum was heart broken and she couldn't fight her cancer so she gave up as she was to weak and left us and How my dad is my only family. He pulled me tight towards me before standing up and helping me up. He looked out the window and saw how pretty the view is and then he pressured his perfect lips onto mine. I smiled for the 1st time since the interview. I started to play with his hair as I know that turns him on and I love to do that. Niall broke away and looked at my worried. "Ellie baby your not breathing well I can feel you taking you breathes in your finding it hard" I nodded before smiling again " I grew up with it " before laughing the classic Liverpool laugh. Niall smiled before pressuring his lips back onto mine. As he bit my lip I left playing with his hair and started to stroke his cheeks and rested my other hand round his neck. He had perfectly soft cheeks its just so soft! When we broke apart I remembered something really bad. " no no no!! " I said holding nialls hand and running to our room. " what Ellie tell me" was what I think I heard but I couldn't. I left my guitar on the tour bus and I don't know where it goes to park. I grabbed my phone before niall looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing. I phoned my dad because he's the only person I thought off. the phone rang and rang till atlast he answered " Ellie! What do you need darling?" " my guitar its on the tour bus dad I need it please?" I said wyping tears away. " Ellie don't cry you don't know what to do yet sure I will send it to you it will arrive soon, okay? I would have said no before U know but I know how much it means to you darling. How's niall?" I smiled before falling back onto the bed. " oh thanks you so so much dad and niall is perfectly fine i think nite dad and thanks again" i hung up. Niall was sitting on the bed. "huh?" is all he said. I laughed. " i left my guitar on the tour bus" he opened his mouth and stared at me. " is that yours? I didn't know who's it was so on the 2nd day on the tour bus i tried it out and it sounded so nice i love that guitar your so lucky" niall liked my guitar! If jade heard this she would cry! " its my sisters guitar, it was sent back over when she left us" I said trying to smile still. I was still lying on the bed not moving. Niall crawled over to me and lay next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder. " im sorry boo if I upset you" he said holding me tight. I felt two tears fall down each cheek and I smiled before turning to face him. " why would you upset me? Your the best thing that ever happened to me" niall smiled before wiping my tears of happiness away and pressured his lips onto mine. I returned the kiss and then he introduced tounges. I smiled throughout the kiss and we got forced to break apart when nialls phone went off. " the lads and the girls are at the cinema thay say do you 2 wanna come?" i nodded before running over to my suitcase to grab my hoodie. niall changed t-shirts and we set off down the corridor into the lift. when we reached the bottom car park i followed niall and we went out the exit where the cars normally go out of so we can skip the fans and we walked to the cinema hand in hand...

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