Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


2. Nialler choose me?

Ellie p.o.v

I have never believed in love at first sight but since I have laid my eyes upon Niall I have fallen in love with him. Travelling is normally so boring and the worst part but this time its the best. We sitting watching films and playing playstation normally. A few days later Niall asked me for my number so I naturally gave it to him and he said he was gonna find something to eat when he walked into his bedroom. A minute later I got a texts message saying, "bby girl my room now plz :) ~Niall xx" I went up and walked to the kitchen I shut the door behind me and knocked at nialls door. "come in" I opened the door and closed it quietly behind. I looked around but saw no Niall. I saw something on his bed. I walked across to see a letter addressed to me and a little box next to it. I opened the letter to read "Ellie, I know you don't feel the same but that 1st day we meet when U hugged me I felt something, I didn't know what but a few hours later I did.. Love..

I love you so much and this is one of those love at 1st sight moments and I just want you to have this, I brought it when we stopped in Bristol a few hours back, I hope you like it and I love you so so much, love Niall Horan xxxx" I smiled with tears starting to form in my eyes. I opened the box go find a ring, it had niall and Ellie Horan engraved into it. Tears were pouring out of my eyes. I heard the door shut behind me to see niall himself i stood up while placing the ring into its box, niall opened his arms and i ran to them. I rested my head against his and i heard him say " Ellie, will you become my girlfriend?" i smiled before nodding. Niall leaned in to kiss me. As he pressured his lips onto mine i smiled and so did he and i returned the kiss because i love him so so much. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me tighter towards him. We stayed like this for a while. When we broke apart niall grabbed my hand and walked me over to were i
left the ring. Hr picked it up before placing it onto my finger. I smiled before pressuring my lips onto his quickly and ran off to my bedroom to get my phone and makes some text messages. " niall asked me out and i said yes he is my boyfriend :) he is so perfect and he choose me out of everyone, in one lucky girl and U know i don't get anything lucky happen to me!" i sent this to Emily and my dad. I opened my smaller suitcase to take out the picture of my mum and sister. " i told you i could do it, meet them, well look at me  now jade, niall is my boyfriend and in so so lucky!! Why did you go mum i want U to see me this happy but U are lost with hard but i know your somewhere above me hopefully watching down on me..." i started to cry onto my picture. My mum died a few months back of cancer and my sister was killed in a car crash at the end of last year. I had to arms b wrapped around my waist and they picked me up and turned me around so i could face
them with my legs wrapped around their torso. "i miss them so much" i said crying into nialls shoulder. "Maybe this will help take the pain away" niall said looking into my eyes, he smashed his lips against mine and he introduced tounges. I responded and smiled because niall is my everything. I heard a knock at the door and niall put me down and held my hand tight. "yes?" i said. Louis walked in " congratulations mate Emily told us, well when she was eating Harrys face she did haha umm we d arriving in London in a fed mintues so get ur suitcases U need for the bag room and Andy or Oliver are gonna collect them later okay?" i nodded half confused. " I'll help her and thanks Lou " niall shouted as Louis closed the door. My phone went off and i checked it. " awww U told the two girls U could meet them one day and look what U have done, stay happy and always here if U need me - dad xx" i smiled before getting my suitcase with all my clothes in and followed
niall. He grabbed his bag on the way and we put it in the smallest room on the whole bus. I have another text message from dad " I just looked at the order sheet for the hotel there is 5 bedrooms with king size beds and U and Emily were gonna share but I can change it to U Nd Niall and Emily and harry if U want? Ask her and see if she would like that will ya? Thanks babe xx" so me and Niall went to find Emily. We knocked on Hardy's door and i heard Emily say what? " do U wanna share with harry at the hotel dad wants to know?" i said. Harry said " she would like that very much thanks you" i replied to dad " she said yes thanks dad xx" Niall was happy, i am happy, everyone on the band has a girl now! We R meeting Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia tomorrow morning and i couldn't wait. We rolled up to the hotel.. O..m...g...

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