Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


1. My dream came true

Ellie P.O.V~

I woke up and did the same everyday routine I have done for the last 19 years. I walked downstairs to find my dad, an opened letter, and a huge smile on his face. "what you so happy about?" I said picking up the letter and looking through it. Omg am I actually reading this!! " dear mr. mcmorine. Congratulations on receiving this job as become tour manager of the group one direction. As you daughter has passed her education and has no other family she may come on tour with the boys. She may invite one friend also to come along and they will share a room on the tour bus. I hope they enjoy their time and I hope you do too, yours Simon Cowell and the team" I gave a little scream. I knew who I was gonna bring! Emily my best friend :) I ran upstairs after giving my dad a massive hug to phone Emily and to start to pack. I pack nearly everything and I had to use 2 suitcases.. Oops.. Anyway I heard this knock on the door and I went to the top of the stairs like I always do and I saw the cheeky Irish chap himself.. Niall James Horan. I ran into my room and finish putting my picture of my mum and sister in and zipped the 2nd suitcase up. I heard someone knock on the door and I looked up saying " come in?" there stood the cutest boy ever, blond messy hair, cute, Irish accent, just perfect. " hey baby girl do U need any help?" Niall asked staring into my eyes. I nodded slightly " I need help carrying my suitcases please" he nodded before walking over to me. This must be a dream but it ain't ;) a put my hand out so he could shake it, "my name is Ellie mcmorine" I said smiling. Niall smiled his signature smile before putting his arms out. " in Niall and in more of a hug person" I laughed my Liverpool laugh before putting my arms around body. I could get use to this a few moments later we pulled away and I got to stare into those perfect blue eyes. Niall smiled before walking over to the suitcase. I reached my hand out to the biggest and really heavy one but Niall picked me up twirled me around put me down on the other side of the room and took the big one himself. I smiled before taking the smaller one which had all my pictures and stuff like that in. I walked down the stairs behind Niall to see Emily at the bottom of the stairs. She was smiling because she gets meet harry at last! She had one suitcase which was huge!! Hahah couldn't wait to share a room with her. This was gonna be so fun I just know it is.A

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