Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


6. meeting up with the lads..

Ellie p.o.v~ I texted rhianna asking her if she wants to come cinema with Rosie and mash. She said she would and a few seconds later niall said josh was coming which was gonna make rhianna happy as she has a major crush on josh. It was a long walk but I could only wish it was longer because I loved spending time with just me, niall and the peacefulness of the outside world. I needed to make a twitter account but my phone was really bad and the screen was cracked up so I couldn't see what I was doing half the time. I need a new phone really bad. "niall..?" I said quietly "what princess?" I stared into his eyes " I need a new phone" he looked confused but knew what I meant. " okay we will get you one after the cinema yea?" I smiled before peaking his cheek. " thank you niall" I said smiling like an idiot. I brushed the hair out of my eyes due to the wind which kept blowing it about. When we arrived I saw my 3 mates from secondary school, rhianna, Rosie and mash. I walked over to them and hugged them all quickly before introducing them to niall but they already knew who he is. " rhianna did you know who nialler has invited?" she shook her head "Josh!!" niall look at me strangely. "and why has this suddenly made rhianna blush?" I laughed before remixing rhianna had gone bright red. " ohh she just has a huge crush on him!!" Rosie and mash said in sync. I couldn't stop laughing. We went inside to meet the other boys and the girls once again. Emily ran over to rhianna before relising she was still clinging onto harry. And there in the corner was josh. Niall went over to talk to him so I left Eleanor and perrie and I went over to meet josh. He was a really nice guy to be honest. He was quite funny and I knew that he meet rhiannas standards. Rhianna was looking at josh and he did the same for some reason. "she's a pretty girl don't you think?" josh said to me. "what rhianna? Oh yeah she is beautiful haha" he laughed and harry and Louis came back from getting the tickets. "hmm free tickets that's normal isn't it?" we all laughed before walking into the cinema. Out of all the places we could have sat harry brought tickets so we were all at the back. I sat next to rosie and niall. It was harry, Emily, Sophia, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, perrie, zayn, Niall, me, rosie, mash, rhianna and josh. The film was so funny. Niall was gentle with me kissing me in all the romantic bits but I didn't find it funny when he scared me. " it wasn't very funny" I said when we finished watching the film and walking to the phone shop. "yes it was your face haha" I don't think it was funny. I hit his face quite gently. He grabbed my waist and smashed his lips onto mine. God he makes it so eaisy to forgive him. "am I forgiven now?" he said like a 5 year old. " I suppose you are" I said before running down the street. When we were at the high street fans started to see niall. I don't think they are gonna like me too much. the fans started to crowd around me and niall. niall walked behind me with his arms wrapped around me.he pushed us through the crowd and we were able to get into the phone shop. the security locked the doors so no fans could get in. i looked at all the phones and i didnt know which one i liked most. i liked the samsung galaxy s4 but i fell in love with the iPhone 5. "you want that one babe?" i heard niall whisper in my ear. i nodded before turning around to face niall. "i will get my dad to pay you back later" niall shook his head "no no im buying it for you okay?" i didnt wanna start an arguement with him so i aloud him to buy me it. i didnt put my phone down since niall brought it for me. i created a twitter account at last. my name is @ellie_mcmorine and i followed niall, the rest of 1d, rosie, sophia, mash, emily, perrie and eleanor. i also created an instagram account and made my name the same and followed the same people. i looked through nialls twitter. he was always putting #princesselliehoran on every tweet so i scrolled down till i found the 1st tweet with it on. "i am so lucky to have found my beautiful princess at last, been waiting and she finally came to me. no hate please now start to trend #princesselliehoran " and since that tweet its been on every tweet he has wrote. "niall i love you so much" i said before running up to him and pressuring my lips onto his. he smiled and we walked to a nearby bench. "so whats your twitter name?" "its @ellie_mcmorine" he looked down on his phone and followed me staraight away. a few  mins later everyone who i just followed started to follow me then more people did and soom i had over 5,000 followers. i didnt have a profile picture yet so i went onto my instagram and took a picture of me and niall smiling, pulling a silly face and one where he was kissing my cheek. i loved the last one so i uploaded them all onto instagram but made the last one my twitter profile picture, i love my life now and i love niall so so much...

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