Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


4. interview

Ellie p.o.v~

When the car stopped there was loads of press stuff and red carpet and I knew they wouldn't want me there so when we got out the car i started towards the door only to have Niall drag me back towards him. I had loads of pictures with Niall for magazines and stuff and l was looking threw the crowd to see who was there and i didn't believe it but my childhood friend was there, rhianna Bradford. I walked over to her as she was right at the front Nd I gave her a massive hug. " what are you doing here?" she said to me. "pass me ur phone I'll enter my new number and text you y" I said and so she gave me her phone and I entered it in and she sent me a message. " I will tell U y when in inside" I said smiling. "your going inside you lucky thing?" she said shocked. " yep hahaha your gonna hate me when I tell U" I said laughing. Niall called for me and I hugged rhianna one more time before walking of to Niall. " who's that then?" he said. " oh that's rhianna, I
known her since year 7 " Niall laughed before leading me inside. We saw harry, Louis, Liam and zayn and also Emily, Eleanor, perrie and Sophia. I smiled going a little shy and tried hiding into nialls chest. He lead me towards perrie before saying " right girls this is Ellie and Ellie this is perrie, Eleanor and Sophia" I hugged each one and then gave Emily a huge hug. " how are you and harry getting on then Emily?" she smiled going a bit red in the cheek. " well lets say perfect " she said while we both started to laugh. " one direction come on set now, girls wait behind the cameras" and assistant said. So the boys went on and did their normal questions and then the interviewer said " now moving onto girlfriends, who is not in a relationship yet then?" she said looking at Niall and harry and they said nothing. " well, this is interesting so Niall harry who are these lucky girls?" she said and they both said " oh she's backstage with the other girls"
the presenter smiled " well lets welcome the girlfriends of one direction!!" and we had to walk on. I went between perrie and Sophia. I had no where to sit so I had to sit on Nialls lap. All we heard was awwwww from the audiance. " so guys what's you name where U from and how did U become friends and girlfriend of one direction?" Emily stared at me so I said " im Ellie im from Barnstaple on north Devon and my dad is tour manager of one direction" the presenter smiled "awwww do you have any siblings? And what about your mother" I started to tear up. I couldn't do this. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I hid into niall. He just put his arm round me and held me close. Emily whispered why to the presenter "ohhh well sorry Ellie I didn't know soo niall what made you fall in love with this girl?" "well everything really, she beautiful, funny, pretty, gorgeous just to perfect for words and the only thing I ever wanna change about her is her last name" he
said. I started to cry more now. When we were off air. I went to where we dropped of our bags and niall came up to me. " you okay now??" he said. I nodded still a bit sad. He wrapped his arms around me and I smiled a little because I knew he would always be here for me as am I for him. Little did we know there were cameras on us but we didn't care to much. We walked out and there were still fans there like notice me niall, mrs Horan is right here niall, I love you so much niall. Niall put his arm around me and dragged me through them all into the car. As we pulled off we had pictures being taken of us in the car and some fans were chasing the car. I never understood how the fans found the hotel the boys stay at. Because when we arrive so the driver could drop us off, there were fans everywhere! Somewhere in the hotel but we couldn't get in. Niall opened his door and I tried but there were fans everywhere I just couldn't. Niall walked round to my side of
the car and moved the fans so he could open my door. He both hands out to me and I took hold of both before turning my body round and stepping out of the car. Niall put one arm around my waist and held his other hand on the opposite side of my face just to protect me. He is just so cute. When we was able to push through the crowd we stepped inside and there was fans everywhere. This is a nightmare. We stepped in the lift to hear them calling to niall " follow me on twitter! Sign my iPhone, I want your autograph niall, I love you niall!" we pushed the button to our room but hid it from the fans so they didn't know what level we R on. At last niall to myself! I'm gonna tell him tonight everything bout me my family, friends, school everything! I was staring at the floor thinking my whole life through. The good moments, the sad moments, scary funny confusing moments everything! 

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